Meryl Streep: A Data Visualization of the Audiences She Impacted

The headlines say it all: Meryl Streep is Hollywood's hero. Upon the acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, Streep used her thank you speech as a platform to share a message. But who did she truly reach?

Streep used the opportunity to voice her opinion about President-Elect, Donald Trump. She did this without actually mentioning his name, but the message was still clear. And as you could have guessed, her almost six-minute-long thank you speech ignited conversation. In the 24 hours following the speech, Affinio's data science platform identified over 115,155 individuals mentioning both "Meryl Streep" and the "Golden Globes" together.

Data Visualization of the audiences mentioning "Meryl Streep" and "Golden Globes" after her Golden Globes speech. 115,155 individuals represented in the data visualization.

Communities such as Teens Who Love Pop Music, Mothers & Teachers, as well as Journalists jumped in to share their support. Other vocal communities including Trump Supporters and Conservatives shared their opposition to the star.

As you can see, the audiences talking about the speech are drastically different. Using Affinio's Cluster Compare feature, we can quickly see their most distinct and similar traits. To demonstrate, we've compared the Team Trump cluster and the Team Resistance cluster in the audience.

Team Trump - vs - The Resistance

Two starkly different audiences who have few shared interests, except for an interest in Streep's speech.

What did you think of Meryl's speech?

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