[Product Update] Gazelle Release

Gazelles are a small antelope species that are known for their swiftness and speed, as well as their highly social nature. Gazelle – Affinio’s June Product update — is all about providing customers with enhanced usability and new ways to improve team collaboration, inspired by the characteristics of its namesake.

The Gazelle release brings new screenshot functionality, segment-a-cluster filters, monitoring updates, and more.

Flexible Visual Exports

We’ve made upgrades to our export functionality, and you can now have high-quality, presentation-ready screenshots delivered straight to your inbox! Conveniently accessible from the top navigation bar, you can screenshot visualizations contextually from relevant pages, or visit the Export subsection for the full range of available images.

Images are ready within 5 minutes and can immediately be added to a client presentation or shared internally with your team members.

Image: Found in the Actions section and Export subsection, choose your desired screenshots in the drop down menus.

Advanced Cluster Expansions

We know that analyzing targeted audiences is important to you, and we want you to be able to customize your reports as much as possible. Now with Gazelle’s updates to our Segment a Cluster reports, you can magnify intriguing clusters by finding even more people with common interest patterns and then filtering the results by location, bio keywords, and more.

Delve Into Time-Based Trends

We know that being able to understand changing audience dynamics and trends quickly is important for our customers. That’s why with our Gazelle update we’ve created a dedicated Deltas page to showcase audience changes for monitored reports.

Monitoring with Affinio

Our premium Monitoring feature enables you to update your report at regular intervals to see changes in followers, topics, and trends. With our Gazelle update, we have altered how we define an audience in a Monitored report. Now all four of our Twitter reports (Network Graph, Tweet Content, .CSV Upload, and URL Share) will monitor your original report clusters.

Interpreting Deltas

The Deltas page highlights some of the most significant shifts in audience behavior since your last report update. The Deltas page provides a summary of an audience’s gains or losses of members and shows up to 15 observed behavioral changes including the top three most significantly changed traits across interests, bio keywords, hashtags, mentions, and tweet keywords.

See Your Audience in a New Light

We’ve made an update to our Members section so that you can see and explore your audience with more context. Our member mosaic section, which assembles profile images from the top 100 cluster members, is now directly hyperlinked to their profiles so you can click through and view your audience up close.

Pinpoint Important Visuals

We’ve made enhancements to the Image Explorer you know and love. Now you can pinpoint important pictures per their image labels by searching Image Explorer. Need to know whether your audience is sharing “beauty” photos? Quickly use the search bar to understand what beauty-related photo collections your audience is sharing. Note: you can also quickly negate labels to ensure your results are always relevant.

Engage with Your Audience

We're making it easier to engage with your audience at the right time with our latest usability update. In the Engagement subsection found under the Members section, users can search for the total and average audience engagement by the hour and day based on desired time zone. For example, if you wanted to understand when the best time to share content is with your audience located in New York, you could search New York in the Timezone search bar.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are. Let us know in the comments below! If you’d like to stay in the loop on all our future updates, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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