Uncover hidden
audience segments

Uncover natural audience segments impossible to see until now with our advanced interest-based segmentation. Get to know any audience intimately through their interests, affinities, and the content they share and consume. Understand how your audience is connected at a glance with beautiful data visualizations.

Uncover hidden audience segments with Affinio

Create data-driven
buyer personas

Create robust, data-driven buyer personas with our deep audience insights that combine psychographic and demographic data. Target with precision and provide a consistent reference point for informing strategies, creating content, providing customer service, building new product features, and more.

Create data-driven buyer personas with Affinio

Empower your
content strategy

Empower your enterprise content strategy and achieve your digital objectives with data-driven content. Understand what content already resonates with key audience segments including keywords, hashtags, images, influencers, and media.

Influencer and partnership discovery with Affinio

Identify relevant influencers
and partnerships

Use a data-backed approach to justify your budget spend and explore relevant influencer and partnership opportunities, based on the interests and affinities of your target audience. Use our platform to identify what new audiences you will reach, validate the pairing, and measure the impact the selection has on your audience.

Influencer and partnership discovery with Affinio

Monitor changing
audience dynamics and trends

Monitor how the interests of an audience segment change over time to ensure your communications are always relevant. Benchmark how marketing initiatives are performing by monitoring how audience segments are growing, shrinking, or emerging.

Gain competitive marketing intelligence with Affinio

Gain competitive

Identify untapped geographic audience segments and understand how well your competitors are performing regionally or globally. Understand what percentage of an audience you hold over your competitors and identify the segments where you dominate or where you can gain share.

Gain competitive marketing intelligence with Affinio

Consolidate your toolbox
and uncover insights faster

Consolidate your research toolbox and arm multiple departments with consistent consumer data. Run major studies, and receive the results in hours, that analyze billions of network connections and pick-up on consumer trends as they happen.

Consolidate your toolbox and uncover insights faster with Affinio

Revealing hidden insights at the world's leading companies

It’s time to take an audience-first approach to marketing. Let us show you how.