Affinio Matchmaker

Join data providers like ShareThis and get your data offering discovered

With the phasing out of third party cookies brands are scrambling to find a scaled solution for media buys. Snowflake’s Data Marketplace and Affinio are powering the next-gen second party data exchanges between brands and publishers. Affinio’s matchmaker allows you to stand out in Snowflake’s Data Marketplace and generate free leads.


Affinio + Snowflake Data Marketplace:

Audience enrichment in a cookieless world

Snowflake’s data-sharing technology, private data exchange platform, secure function and secure join capabilities, and underlying multi-tenant cloud data platform provide the foundation needed to run a data clean room. Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is where users can find third-party data providers to enter a clean room with.

The challenge for brands is selecting the best data partner, out of hundreds listed in the Marketplace. That is where Affinio’s Matchmaker platform comes in. Matchmaker allows users to assess multiple different data partners, and view the audience ID overlap and affinities, without ever exposing or sharing raw PII data. It acts as a preview before brands decide to enter into a clean room with a third-party provider.

A free preview before entering a cleanroom

Ensure that you are discovered by brands for free Affinio’s matchmaker acts as a free ‘preview’ for brands so they can assess multiple potential partnerships simultaneously before engaging in actual raw data shares. Brands save business development and legal efforts in exploring partners, while Providers gain guaranteed evaluators of their offering.


A data-driven advantage

Let brands base targeting decisions on ID overlap and attributes over canned segments. As a Data Provider, participation gets you to the last mile. As a Publisher, participation guarantees a spot on the media shortlist.

You have full control over your data. As a publisher you get to decide:

  • when to grant encoded share (privately, or via Snowflake’s Data Marketplace either upon request or publicly)
  • on the duration of your participation
  • whether to encode only IDs as well as which attributes to include.

Embedded inside Snowflake’s Data Marketplace & fully protected

No raw PII is exchanged until the brand approaches you to join data. Control how and where you promote your participation – privately or via the Marketplace (either publicly or on-demand).

““We’re delighted to announce the integration of Affinio graph technology on Snowflake’s platform.This solution accelerates internal and external secure data sharing across Snowflake Data Marketplace to drive business value from data, in a secure, and compliant way.” ”

Matt Glickman , Snowflake VP of Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace

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