The Affinio platform helps marketers build better strategies by getting a deep understanding of consumer groups and their behaviors, interests, and affinities. We believe the first step to creating marketing campaigns that resonate is having an in-depth understanding of human interest and audience dynamics.

Win new business & grow existing accounts

Quickly respond to RFPs with rich audience insights. Prospect into new organizations and upsell existing clients with highly personalized audience insights that pave the way for new conversations and build agency-client trust.

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Reduce research time
and cost

Spend a fraction of your research budget and quickly understand what makes your client’s audience tick. No waiting on data scientists, outsourced research, consumer surveys, or focus groups. Receive results and robust global insights in hours that pick-up on consumer trends as they happen.

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Develop data-driven content strategies

Empower your next client content strategy and achieve digital objectives with data-driven content. Analyze the top conversations, articles, links, images, videos, and sources most relevant to your audience.
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Create data-driven customer profiles and personas

Create data-driven personas that combine psychographic and demographic data. Target with precision and provide a consistent reference point for informing creative, media, ad buys, and more.

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Gain competitive intelligence

Identify your client’s untapped geographic audience segments and understand how well their competitors are performing regionally or globally. Understand what percentage of an audience you hold over your competitors and identify the segments where you dominate or can gain share.

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Discover and validate influencers

Use a data-backed approach to justify your client’s budget spend and explore relevant influencer opportunities. Move beyond vanity metrics and develop first-of-kind influencer measurement, validation, and defensible reporting practices.
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The Affinio Difference

Unlocking the power of consumer data at the world's leading companies

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