Augment Social Listening with Affinio | Revealing the Vocal Minority and Silent Majority

It has now become common practice for organizations to rely on social listening tools to extract audience insights. While social listening can be useful in understanding the sentiment of an audience – organizations often don’t realize that there is a significant problem with relying on conversation-based insights alone. The issue? Only about 10% of social […]

[Product Update] Lobster Release

Our latest product release –Lobster– gives users the ability to compare clusters across reports, enables users to apply exclusion filters, see updated auto-naming and explore refreshed traits.

[Product Update] Koala Release

Koala – Affinio’s July Product Update — will introduce the ability to recycle report queries, a redesigned report builder, and other usability enhancements to enhance your Affinio experience.

[Product Update] Jellyfish Release

Our latest Product Update Jellyfish brings new slides exports, the ability to hide clusters, additional support and training best practices, and a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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