Introducing Affinio’s new Publishers Data

Our “Publishers” source is now available as a new “reader network” that analyzes the digital articles people consume in their mobile social feeds. This queryable content originates from the biggest global publishers who distribute across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The Direct-To-Community Playbook for PR Pros

This playbook explains how PR professionals can go “Direct-To-Community” to understand their client’s communities, the issues that are important to them, as well as the most effective places to reach and engage them.

Direct-to-Community is the new D2C

D2C companies are changing the game for traditional retail brands and the only way to compete is by going “Direct-to-Community”. Learn about the new D2C.

Using Audience Insights to Enhance the Festival Experience

From inspiring immersive activations to identifying highly targeted partnerships and sponsorships opportunities, Affinio’s audience insights can help festivals, like Coachella, best connect with their festival goers and curate the optimal fan experience.

[Product Update] Manatee Release

Manatees play an integral role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by eating a lot of seagrass. It’s estimated that they can spend up to 7 hours a day foraging. By doing so, they keep the grass short which helps maintain the health of the seagrass beds. Affinio’s latest product update – Manatee – takes inspiration […]

[Product Update] Lobster Release

Our latest product release –Lobster– gives users the ability to compare clusters across reports, enables users to apply exclusion filters, see updated auto-naming and explore refreshed traits.

[Product Update] Koala Release

Koala – Affinio’s July Product Update — will introduce the ability to recycle report queries, a redesigned report builder, and other usability enhancements to enhance your Affinio experience.


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