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eBook: Understanding Sports Fandom, Sponsorships, and Enhancing the Fan Experience – A Guide for Sports Marketers

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“We live in an age where performance on the scoreboard doesn’t equate to sales.”

The professional sports industry is growing, and in North America alone is expected to reach a worth of $73.5 billion in 2019, says Forbes. In an industry of this size, teams and sports marketers face a couple of realities: fans have less time, more choices, and high expectations.

These harsh realities are changing the game (pun intended). Today, the success of a team relies on their relationship with fans – not the scoreboard. The modern sports fan expects and craves a meaningful relationship with the teams they choose to support.

In this eBook, powered by the Affinio platform, we will take you on a journey from the very basics of understanding sports fans, to identifying the right sports sponsorship and marketing opportunities, to creating the ultimate fan experience by leveraging social data. This eBook provides examples and insights, pulled from the Affinio platform, for sports marketers to draw upon.

Topics covered in this eBook:

Part One: Why sports marketers need to understand fandom

Part Two: How sports marketers can leverage affinity data for sponsorships

Part Three: Enhancing the in-stadium fan experience


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