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Press: Affinio’s New “Discovery” App Provides Free Twitter Follower Audience Segmentation Analysis

Content tech company’s deep learning algorithms identify detailed persona groupings, driving data-driven brand content strategies

Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 8, 2015 – Affinio, a world-leading marketing intelligence platform, today announced the launch of “Discovery by Affinio”. Discovery is a lightweight version of the powerful Affinio platform. Free of charge, Discovery allows Twitter users to analyze the characteristics and affinities of their own followers, resulting in a highly informative segmentation report. Generated in less than 1 minute, the detailed report gives business professionals a clear understanding of which interest-based groups and subgroups they are attracting through their social presence.

“Discovery highlights Affinio’s unique ability to leverage the social graph to understand who exists within any audience,” said Affinio CEO Tim Burke. “It’s an eye-opening experience for anyone with a social following, large or small, to discover the interest-based communities of people they’ve attracted to their Twitter feed over time.”

“Affino has been a tremendous tool to help uncover who my audience is, what tribes or subgroups exist within my audience, and what psychographic data — opinions, feelings, beliefs, interests — drives them” said Brooke B. Sellas, Founder & Chief Digital Strategist at B Squared Media. “It also helps me understand where the gaps are when working on community building, and what areas I need to beef up or maybe take a timeout on to attract the right kind of community for my business and me.”

Affinio’s Discovery is free and available today to any Twitter user with between 100 and 10,000 followers. Users log on to the app with their Twitter account, and the award-winning Affinio algorithm analyzes the connections within their followers, then groups them into communities of people with similar interests in about 45 secs. Users can then learn more about who their followers are through their interests, how they self-describe and where they are located.

To analyze your Twitter followers now, visit http://Discovery.Affinio.com

About Affinio

Affinio is a marketing intelligence platform that leverages the social graph to reveal actionable insights around market audiences. Affinio clients, such as BBC Worldwide, SABMiller, and L’Oréal, are better able to understand their customers and prospects by identifying data-driven personas that naturally exist in their audience leading to better paid and owned content strategies.

The company’s proprietary algorithms analyze the social connections that exist within any audience, then groups individuals into tribes of people with similar interests and passions. Companies use Affinio to build data-driven buyer personas, win new business, and create data-driven content that resonates with their ideal customers.

For more information, visit http://www.affinio.com

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