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[Product Update] The Top 3 New Affinio Features to Explore

We’ve been busy working away on platform updates and prototypes to get ready for some exciting features to come!  Nevertheless, we still wanted to deliver new additions you could benefit from right away.  On your next login, check out these improvements designed to make your day-to-day Affinio usage that much more enjoyable.

1. See the Picture-Perfect Audience Visualization

Our beloved Audience Visualization graph just got a mini facelift!  We heard your feedback about the tribe labels occasionally being cut off or overlapping and couldn’t have that.  Improvements were made to guarantee that you’ll always have presentation-ready screenshots and never need to manually manipulate label placements.  Also, we’ve color-coded your tribe labels to help you quickly associate neighbouring clusters to the right tribe names with a glance.  Now you can even click-through the labels directly to see each tribe’s unique dispersion in more detail, without needing our traditional navigation.

Affinio Audience Visualiztion

2. Learn Who Else Shares Your Audience 

Normally when you create a follower report with multiple handles, it’s covering the “or” versus “and” perspective on those followers.  Now, we’ll help you measure what the specific “and” overlap is across up to 12 handles.  This intel lets you assess the extent to which mutual followers span a family of brands or the competition, so you can reveal upsell opportunities, cross-promotions, and competitive switching plays.  We’ll show you the specific raw number overlap for every different cross-penetration combination we find.  This feature is available from the Competitive tab, which automatically appears when you run a report comparing two or more handles.  

Bonus – the Audience Overlap feature is visible on both pre-existing and new reports!


3. Engage Your Segment Where It Lives

Show your audience you really understand them by reciprocating interests on their own content.  Now you can extract the full list of Instagram audience members’ top created posts – either at the tribe or overall level – to prepare for outreach.  Previously we only showed you a sampling of these top posts inside the app, yet now you can export all the applicable URLs along with their Like count to start commenting on posts directly.  Find this feature under the Export options in your Instagram reports.

Affinio Instagram

Other Goodies

Single-credit Reports

If you haven’t already heard, you can now run any available report type on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest and always be charged the same amount.  We want you to affordably uncover how audiences differ, and strategies can be tailored, across your social portfolio.

Clickable Domains

Get more familiar with the sites where your audience sources and shares its content.  Click through the domain list directly to explore any of the top 50 sites where your specific tribes spend their time.


Pinterest Audience Interactivity

Now see the same lurker breakdown you’ve grown accustomed to in Twitter reports for your Pinterest output.  Learn what specific proportion of your base is silent versus engaged, including the ability to view a monthly post count for each tribe as compared to the network average.


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