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eBook: Transforming the Music Industry with Next Gen Audience Affinity Data

To raise the probability of success, advanced music teams rely on affinity data to inform strategic business and marketing decisions. Is your team leveraging affinity data?


The single most important thing for any artist and their business teams to do is to build a loyal fanbase of advocates that take action. But today reaching fans and building a meaningful fan base has become harder for the artists, and the business teams representing them. With no shortage of artist preferences and choices, and more music than ever before, both the artist and their teams need to find ways to connect with audiences and elevate their position authentically or risk obsolescence.

The smart music teams accomplish this by relying on affinity data to inform strategic business and marketing decisions. By leveraging affinity data, teams can immediately build high-value audiences for new artists, identify relevant brand partnership opportunities, and identify up-and-coming artists; all in an efficient, repeatable manner, and in a way that significantly raises the probability of success.

This eBook, powered by Affinio, explores how data is radically changing the music industry. Topics include:

  • Developing Audiences for Emerging Artists
  • Using Affinity Data to Identify Ideal Music-Brand Partnerships
  • Predicting Music’s Next Big Stars Via Next Gen Audience Affinity Data


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