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20 Data-Driven Personas You Need To See

What is a data-driven persona and why do they matter to brands?

A buyer persona is a fictional character created to represent each of your customer segments. They provide rich, cultural insights on who your ideal customer is and provides a reference when creating content, providing customer service, building new product features, and more.

How do world class brands and agencies create accurate, data-driven personas?

Traditionally, personas have been created by relying heavily on demographic information, likely because this was the most readily available information. But what do things like age, gender, location really tell you about your audience? Within a category of women aged 18-24 there are multiple different cultures, interests, life experiences, and passions. While demographic data paints part of the picture and should not be neglected, brands must go one step further by understanding what makes their ideal audience tick.
Today we can build more robust, data-driven personas by leveraging new data sources, such as the interest graph.

What data matters?

Interest-based segmentation allows you to do a full audience analysis to determine what personas currently exist in an audience and what matters most to them. An interest graph analysis allows you to quickly find and understand everything needed to build a detailed persona that includes:

  • Who they are
  • The brands, influencers, blogs, music, and news they care about most
  • The content they love as well as the links they share most
  • The domains they read and extract content from
  • The hashtags, keywords, and even the emoji’s they use the most

We’ve created a SlideShare of 20 personas ranging from Digital Marketers, WWE Fans, Sports Dads, Fashionistas, to Lady Gaga fans all created using interest graph analysis.

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