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How Martha Leveraged Niche Clusters to Increase Audience Exposure

In case you didn’t know, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have a cooking show.

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party features the unlikely friendship between rapper, Snoop Dogg, and home expert, Martha Stewart, as they prepare delightful dishes for their celebrity pals. The show premiered this November and has already been renewed for a second season.

Using Affinio, I took an audience-first approach to better understand the nature of this wacky collaboration.

Through my analysis, I discovered the value of using niche audience segments as a means to build overall audience exposure.

An Intro to Affinio and Niche Audiences

At Affinio, we are all about understanding audiences. Every audience has a unique composition of people belonging to distinct audience clusters. A cluster, in the Affinio sense, is a community of people who are united by shared interests and passions.

Affinio helps major brands identify and understand niche clusters within their audiences. A niche cluster is often a small group (accounting for under 10% of an audience) of like-minded individuals, but share an intense passion for a particular topic. These niche clusters can easily be overlooked and ignored. However, there is a huge potential to break into new audiences altogether by leveraging niche clusters.

The uniqueness and non-typical attributes of a niche cluster can be leveraged as a link to new audience exposure.

Think of it like tagging along with a friend to a party where you don’t know anyone. Your friend represents the niche cluster. Although the step outside your normal network is unfamiliar and intimidating, at the end of the night you have made new impressions, and your network has grown. The niche cluster enabled the exposure required to grow your overall audience.

Well, Martha just used her niche audience clusters as an invite to Snoop’s party.

Martha Stewart’s Audience

Let’s dive into Martha’s audience and uncover how this went down.

Without making any initial assumptions, we were able to quickly learn how Martha’s audience organically segments into like-minded communities. We can see clusters of bloggers, foodies, and DIY moms – Martha’s traditional and core audience.

However, in addition to the traditional Martha crowd, there are two notable niche clusters: Female R&B Fans and DIYers.

Martha’s Female R&B Fans enjoy jamming to Mary J Blige, Queen Latifa, and John Legend.

Top interests of the Female R&B Fans cluster:

I spy Snoop D-O-Double G in there!

The DIYers niche cluster is a particularly interesting bunch. They follow predominately Do-It-Yourself related accounts (home decor, cooking and crafting) but when it comes to musical preference they are very distinct. Members of the DIYers cluster are 165 times more likely than the rest of Martha’s audience to mentions hip-hop/rap in their Twitter Bio.

Top interests of the DIYers cluster:

How DIYers self describe:

Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Chris Brown and of course Snoop Dogg are relevant celebrities to members of this cluster.

How Martha Leveraged These Audience Clusters

Whether Martha was aware of it or not, the unique interests and affinities of the R&B Fans and DIYers acted as a link to Snoop Dogg. Building on the unique interests of her audience, Martha Stewart made the bold move to partner with Snoop Dogg and create something unique and downright hilarious.

The Results

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party has been met with open arms. More than three million viewers tuned in for the premiere, and the show has been named 2016’s highest-rated unscripted show on cable television.

We decided to take our analysis a step further and look at who’s talking about Snoop and Martha’s cooking creations. Affinio analysis reveals the different communities on Twitter using the hashtag #MarthaAndSnoop.

We can see how Martha’s exposure has expanded through her creative partnership with Snoop Dogg. For example, Martha Stewart is now on the radar of American Sports Fans and College Bros — two clusters which do not exist in her standalone Twitter following. Martha’s influence and visibility have grown.

Foodies and Bloggers don’t despair! New audience exposure doesn’t mean aborting your traditional fan base. Martha is still busy creating content for her tried and true fans. Her blog is buzzing with new home decor tips, craft ideas, and recipes posted daily. Just this September, Martha published a new cookbook on vegetables.

Who knows, maybe some college bros will pick up this cookbook and learn a few tricks from Martha’s kitchen!

Now that’s niche audience #marketing.

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