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Affinio and Ad Sales – Unveil the Relationship Between your Inventory and Campaign Targets

Affinio enables ad sales and research professionals to conduct superior audience discovery, leading to more impactful campaign plans for the publisher and higher return on ad spend for the advertiser.

Here’s how:

Setting the Stage: Vice Media

Vice Media has twelve thriving and diverse digital properties. Vice ad sales professionals strive to optimize revenue by selling campaigns that provide significant value to their advertisers. On the other hand, media buyers are looking for properties that align with their target audience and complement their campaign objectives.

With Affinio insights, publishers like Vice can rapidly highlight the value of their various properties to prospective buyers (whether through overlapping audiences or audience development) and ultimately create more relevant audiences to produce better-performing campaigns.

Approach One: Know Your Audience

The first step in this process involves intimately knowing your audience. The Vice Media Kit outlines the nature of the Vice audience, including robust engagement metrics. Affinio complements Vice’s foundational knowledge of their audience with interest-based audience segmentation.

Affinio analyzes billions of social connections and interest patterns to reveal how an audience naturally segments into interest-based communities.

Here is an interest-based visualization of Vice’s audience:

Note: For each audience segment you see here, as well as for the audience as a whole, Affinio provides interests, content, geographic, and demographic information.

Now, let’s look at those interest-based communities across various Vice Media Properties. Using the Affinio Benchmark feature we can measure how different audience segments align with different properties of interest.

Vice Media Digital Properties on the y-axis: Vice News, Motherboard (tech), Vice Sports, i-D (fashion), Munchies (food), The Creators Project (arts and culture), Thump (electronic music), Waypoint (gaming), and Fightland (MMA and Fighting).

Vice interest-based segments on the x-axis.

And just like that, with one Affinio report (that took two hours to run) Vice Media ad sales professionals are already better equipped to make more relevant and higher value ad deals. Affinio’s Affinity Score and Relevance Score provide a secure measurement of the relationship between an account and an online community.

For example, we can see that the interest-based community Sports Dads has a high-affinity to Vice Sports, but so do the Comedy Fans, All Things Politics, and Movie Geeks communities.

An Affinity Score is how many times more likely this audience is to follow a given account compared to all of Twitter.

The Relevance Score measures, from 0-100, those interests that are most likely to be relevant to your audience based on affinity, audience size, and the number of cluster members who already follow the particular account.

Using this information, Ad Sales teams can discover new audience affinities and match customer targets with ideal media opportunities.

Approach Two: Know Your Customer’s Audience

Say Levi’s is considering a media buy within one of Vice’s properties. Affinio enables the Vice Media team to not only analyze their own audiences but to analyze the audience of prospective advertisers as well.

Here is how Levi’s audience organically segments into interest-based communities:

Just like we did with the Vice audience, we can look at how these different communities stack up against Vice’s inventory of digital properties.

Affinio Benchmarks:

This first column measures the affinity of the overall Levi’s audience to various Vice properties. The Creators Project (54x), Thump (47x), and Mu”chies (44x) are the most relevant Vice properties to the members of Levi’s audience.

If Levi’s is looking to launch a targeted campaign to engage a particular segment of their audience, we can use this analysis to identify targeted opportunities.

For example, say Levi’s is trying to reach the Fashionistas segment within their audience, an ad placement on i-D (Vice’s Fashion publication) would be tactful. Even though their overall audience has a 36x affinity score, this segment specifically has an affinity score of 162x, meaning the Fashionistas within Levi’s audience are 162x more likely than the rest of Twitter to engage with i-D.

Approach Three: Deep Dive on a Particular Property

We can also focus exclusively on a select media property. Let’s continue on with the Levi’s example. Levi’s audience has a high affinity to the Creators Project. The Creators Project is Vice’s Arts and Culture publication. Here is a visualization of the interest-based segments that make up the Creators Project audience:

Through this lens, we can identify the audience a hypothetical Levi’s campaign would reach. We can use Affinio to understand their interests and content preferences and discover their demographic and geographic composition. We now know the exact nature of the Creators Project and are ready to sell against the interest-based segments.

One last Trick…

Putting yourself in the shoes of Vice’s ad sales team, say you have a range of advertising prospects and you’re tasked with determining which brand will perform the best on The Creators Project. We can conduct a very similar analysis as above, but this time we can exclusively track the perspective brands in relation to The Creators Project audience.

Affinio Benchmarks:

Now we have a read on targeted brand affinities across The Creators Project audience segments. The very first column measures affinity across the entire Creators Project audience.

This analysis will empower media buyers and ad sales professionals to discover segments and identify optimum ad placements by taking an audience-first approach.

Long story short: All well thought out advertising campaigns have target audiences, but increasingly, those audience segments have fragmented into micro-niches defined by narrow and varied interests.

Affinio enables advanced audience discovery by revealing naturally forming interest-based segments, enabling the identification and activation of target audiences. Your ad pitch will become more compelling, and your digital inventory will become more valuable if you can quantifiably measure the correlation between advertising targets and the nature of readers.

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