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Researching with Reddit: Affinio’s Reddit Insights

At Affinio, we are on a mission to understand audiences on a deeper level than ever before. Today, audiences live online, and interact through multiple networks. We are proud to be leading the charge by providing audience insights, across multiple networks, at scale and speed.

This January we announced that Affinio can now analyze and cluster unsupervised Reddit audiences.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Reddit is an online community network used to discuss, share, rate, and create content in real-time. Content is divided into topics or areas of interest called subreddits that Reddit users can subscribe to. Affinio conducts our analysis based on the subreddits Reddit users engage with.

Subreddit Graph reports give insight into unbiased and vocal communities. A tremendous tool for market researchers, a subreddit graph analysis gives insight into the nature of a community engaging with a certain topic of interest.

Here are a few of the topics we have explored thus far.

Entertainment: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3rd 2017. To understand the nature of the of community discussing the new gaming consoles, we ran a Subreddit analysis.

We analyzed everyone engaging with the subreddits Nintendo and Nintendo Switch, and revealed how these Redditors naturally segment into interest-based communities.

For each segment identified, we can use Affinio to dive in and explore the topics they like, share, and discuss.

In the Nintendo Switch Release Fans segment is particularly discussing the release above anything else. The most used words by members of this segment are:

Overall, the top Subreddits this community engages with are:

  1. nintendo, 2. ninetendoswitch, 3. askreddit, 4. gaming, 5. zelda, 6. games, 7. overwatch, 8. movies, 9. ps4

This type of analysis is valuable to a consumer goods company who is looking to visualize and understand the unbiased and discreet conversations about their products online.

Lifestyle and Professional: Programmers

Curious to learn more about the nature of the community talking about programming on Reddit, we ran a query on everyone engaging with 35 subreddits that all relate to programming. This broad query enabled us to analyze and visualize the broader Reddit programming community, and identify dominating interests.

Programmers conversing on Reddit:

This type of Reddit analysis will empower marker researchers to understand how a certain lifestyle/ professional interest group behaves and engages online. Using Reddit Affinio analysis, marketers can obtain a holistic and nuanced understanding of a target audience.

Personal and Advice: Makeup/ Skincare

Many Reddit users leverage the network as a safe space to seek advice and share personal experiences. Makeup Addiction and Skincare Addiction are two popular Subreddits. Here are how Rreddit users who engage with those two Subreddits naturally segment into like-minded, interest- based segments:

In the ‘Routine Regimented’ segment uses these terms most when they have discussions on Reddit:

This type of topic related insight’s can help product and marketing teams alike in regards to better connecting with and relating to their market. Through Reddit analysis, brands can take a step closer to their customers and understand their problems, priorities, and desires.

These are just some of the topics and use cases of Affinio Reddit Reports. Interested in running your own Reddit analyses? Request a Demo.