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Digital Dating: Where Do Key Audience Segments Date?

Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid… modern dating starts digital. But who is using each service?

Modern dating starts digital. Dating websites and mobile applications have become widely adopted as a means to find that special someone. Is your choice of dating technology just as important as your choice of date?

Eager to shed light on the digital dating world, I conducted an Affinio analysis to discover the nature and preferences of online daters.

Affinio enables deep audience discovery. Queries can be launched on numerous social networks, and there are several different approaches to conducting an analysis. For example, you can build custom audiences, analyze the audience of a specific account or group of accounts, or analyze the audience engaging with a specific topic, trend, event, or keyword.

I chose to launch an analysis of three dominant digital dating services: Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid. By running an analysis on a group of related accounts, the results will reveal the general market composition. Affinio’s algorithms mine billions of network connections and uncover how an audience organically segments into interest-based communities.

The audience of modern digital daters organically segments into ten distinct interest-based communities. The audience visualization includes anyone who follows Tinder OR Bumble OR OkCupid.

For each discovered audience segment, we can dive deep and understand the nature, behaviours, and affinities of that segment. Affinio pulls forward psychographic and demographic insights.

Affinio also enables competitive analysis. In this instance, because I ran a single report on several competing dating services, I can use Affinio to determine which service is winning market share in which audience segments.

Who’s owning key audience segments in the digital dating worlds:

Tinder takes the Student segment, with an impressive 83.6% audience share.

There is an audience segment that is dominantly female and united by their shared investment in politics and feminism. These women can be found seeking company on Bumble.

Entrepreneurs and those with interest in technology also dominantly go for Bumble.

OKCupid takes the cake when it comes to those interested in R&B and Hip-hop, but this crowd likes to hedge their bets and spend time across all digital dating services.

Affinio analysis’ are quick and easy to conduct, but they are dramatically insightful. Affinio powers deep audience discovery, taking the guesswork out of uncovering the nature of an audience engaging with a given topic and or trend.

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