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Who are MarTech’s Biggest Influencers in 2017?

Who do MarTech followers find influential? We used machine learning to find out.

In a few short weeks, our team will be attending the Marketing Technology (MarTech) Conference in San Francisco.

In preparation for MarTech, we decided to compile two lists: 2017’s Top 10 MarTech Influencers and 2017’s Top 10 Niche MarTech Influencers.

DISCLAIMER: While not all of these individuals may be attending MarTech or work directly in the space, using Affinio we identified that these individuals are still highly relevant and have a strong affinity to the individuals following @MarTechConf on Twitter. This means that a large percentage of the audience interested in MarTech Conference are also interested in these individuals which include social influencers, content marketers, and more. These are the individuals making a true impact with the MarTech Conference audience.

You can read more about our methodology and the technology used to generate this list down below.

2017’s Top 10 MarTech Influencers

1. Scott Brinker, Co-founder & CTO of ion interactive, Editor of chiefmartec.com, Program Chair of MarTech

2. Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing Inc

3. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs

4. Jeff Bullas, CEO, JeffBullas.com

5. Larry Kim, Founder, Wordstream Inc.

6. Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert

7. Rand Fishkin, CEO & Founder, Moz

8. Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

9. Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

10. Warren Whitlock, CEO & Founder, Ochen

2017’s Top 10 Niche MarTech Influencers

While you may see people on this list with very little followers, those followers exist in the community highlighted, therefore they have unique influence over the MarTech audience.

1. Scott Vaughn, Chief Marketing Officer, INTEGRATE

2. David Raab, Founder, CDP Institute

3. Sangram Vajre, CMO & Co-Founder, Terminus

4. Mayur Gupta, VP Growth & Marketing, Spotify

5. Christine Viera, VP Global Marketing Strategy, Level 3 Communications

6. Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB

7. Brian Hansford, VP Client Service, Heinz Marketing Inc.

8. Ruth P Stevens, President, eMarketing Strategy

9. Megan Heuer, VP Research, SiriusDecisions

10. Jay Famico, VP Client-Facing Technology, SiriusDecisions

If you’re interested in MarTech and the latest Marketing Insights, these are the community thought leaders you need to follow and engage with!

Our Methodology:

Many “Top Influencer” lists that currently exist use vanity metrics and basic demographic audience data to identify who is influential. Some take into account more advanced scores however there is still a key component missing: the audience.

At Affinio, we take an audience-first approach to identifying influencers. Affinio’s custom graph engine and machine learning algorithms allow you to get to know any audience intimately by understanding who they are through their interests, affinities, and the content they share and consume. Instead of relying on gut vanity metrics, users can identify relevant influencers and niche influencers using Affinio’s custom scores.

How we chose the Top Influencers:
These are the most contextually relevant accounts to the @MarTechConf audience. To identify these, we list the individuals with the highest Relevance Score. The Relevance Score measures, from 0-100, those interests that are most likely to be relevant to this community based on affinity (see below for definition), audience size, and the number of community members who already follow the particular account.

How we chose the Top Niche Influencers:
These individual’s followers mainly reside in the @MarTechConf audience. We identified these individuals by looking at the highest Affinity scores. Affinity is how many times more likely a person in this community is to follow a particular account compared to any random person on the network (Twitter, in this case). While you may see people on this list with very little followers, those followers exist in the community highlighted, therefore they have unique influence over the MarTech audience.

Congratulations to the influencers featured on the lists! If you’re attending #MarTech drop us a line @Affinio or make sure to swing by our booth!