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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Affinio’s Technology

Affinio is a marketing intelligence platform that reveals hidden audience insights at scale. We power deep audience discovery with our custom graph engine and machine learned algorithms, enabling enterprises to discover and activate every interest-based community within their audience. Affinio was recently recognized as one of eleven startups that prove deep learning and AI are changing marketing forever. We proudly work with companies like 20th Century Fox, Spotify, and Sony Music, and agencies like UM and VaynerMedia.

Affinio is very unique – here are five things you probably didn’t know about Affinio’s technology!

1. It all started with lobster tracking

Yup, you read that correctly. Affinio was born out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our technology was initially developed to track and sort Atlantic Canadian lobsters as part of a sustainable fishing initiative. Thinking way outside of the box, our co-founders explored what would happen if they applied their machine learning algorithms to human data. Turns out, analyzing people as fluid and interconnected members of a diverse network is incredibly insightful. And thus, from lobster tracking to network graph analysis, Affinio was born.

2. We predicted the US Presidential Election result

Bold claim. . .we know. But it’s the truth. Affinio can go beyond analyzing just the following of a certain account, and analyze the audience of topics, trends, events, and social shifts. For any select point of interest, Affinio can reveal what different communities are engaging, how interconnected they are, what passions, interest and beliefs unite members, and even how different communities engage with one another. We ran tons or reports during the American election, and observed countless audience signals and patterns that indicated Donald Trump would win the presidency. Take a look at this audience visualization of everyone in America who was engaging with hashtag #debatenight leading up to the first debate. Trump supporters are secluded, dense, highly interconnected, and dominate. We were able to reveal these insights not by using social listening, but rather by analyzing the patterns and behaviours of members in an interconnected, topic-based network.

3. We provide insights faster than you could imagine

Another lesser known fact about Affinio is the speed and scale at which we operate. We ingest massive data sets and reveal genuinely insightful results in hours, not weeks. Our platform infrastructure is built to provide the scalability and flexibility needed to tackle complex marketing challenges at a very high speed. Affinio is a graduate of the Microsoft accelerator program, and today we are proud to be a Microsoft partner. Our partnership with Microsoft, and the use of Microsoft Azure services to support our technology, has enabled us to serve customers better, faster, and smarter than our competitors.

4. Choose your network

At Affinio, we love Twitter insights. Twitter is the network where we earned our stripes. However, what many people don’t know is that we offer Affinio insights across an array of networks, and ingest and analyze first party data sets (CRM, transactional, survey) and third party data sets including LinkedIn, Reddit and (for whoever is tracking those DIYers) Pinterest. Each type of data provides a new lens through which you can understand your customers on a deeper level. Using LinkedIn insights, both B2B and B2C marketers can understand the work lives, ambitions, and professional interests of their prospects. Reddit is a goldmine of insights, giving marketers an ear to the ground on candid and collaborative consumer conversations. No matter the data source, our results are delivered through a highly visual and intuitive platform. Check out this Affinio analysis of Reddit users who are discussing personal finance:

5. Affinio is worldwide

Affinio is proud to be headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia but our company and customers range far and wide. Affinio has offices in Toronto, New York, and London. Our customers span three continents. Whether our customers are in San Francisco or Tokyo, we work around the world and around the clock to ensure they receive premium support and achieve success with our product.

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