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Understanding Audiences: Who Did Ready Player One Attract?

Over the past decade, the TV & film industry has gone through a revolutionary change. At a time when consumer attention spans are decreasing, the entertainment choices available to them are increasing exponentially . Earning the attention of consumers is more challenging than ever before. Savvy production companies and studios are earning consumer attention by no longer releasing movies and TV shows geared toward the masses. Instead, they understand that their most successful content and release cycles hinge on targeting the interests of niche audiences.

How do these production companies identify who their target audiences are? Let’s take a look at an Affinio analysis of the film Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the Ernest Cline bestseller from 2011.

Pre-Release Buzz

To analyze the audience that was drawn into the film’s pre-release we can take a look at the audience following @ReadyPlayerOne leading into the launch on Mar 28th, 2018. Using interest-based segmentation, Affinio revealed  seven distinct audience segments, united by their shared interests and passions, that were engaging with the film before it hit theaters.

Diving deeper into this analysis, we can start to understand not only which segments exist but also which aspects of the film might have drawn them in.

For example, we can see a portion of the audience is extremely interested in virtual reality and augmented reality technology. We can surmise this based on the other interests they are following, as well as some of their most popular hashtags used in the past thirty days. Since the main setting of Ready Player One is a virtual reality environment called the OASIS, this makes sense.

Comparing this to another audience segment, Gamers, we can see a stark contrast in their interests and can hypothesize why they have an affinity to the new film..

Based on audience interests, we can assume that the Virtual Reality cluster was attracted to the virtual reality technology component of the storyline whereas the Gamer audience was attracted to the gaming aspect of the storyline.

Opening Weekend

Not only is it important to understand the audience that was drawn to the film before its release, we also want to get a look at the audiences that were hooked in during opening weekend. This data can be used to predict how successful the film will be.

Box office numbers show us that the film drew $53 million over Easter weekend, but with Affinio we can analyze the audience further to see who the people really were behind the box office success. By analyzing everyone who mentioned “Ready Player One” or #ReadyPlayerOne and was located in the USA or Canada, we can see seven unique audience segments.

Analyzing these segments shows that this film was attracting a very specific type of viewer as only two of the audience segments, News & Politics and Pop Culture, are made up of audiences with more general interests. The other segments that were attracted post-release were fascinated with gaming, comics, wrestling, and comic/sci-fi.

Diving into each of the audience segments, Affinio reveals cultural insights that show why Ready Player One resonated with these communities.

Here we can see the audience make-up of an audience segment labelled Movie Fanatics:

By analyzing the top Hashtags used by this segment in the past 30 days, we can see that #ReadyPlayerOne is the 2nd most used hashtag, only trailing #oscars. Clicking on this hashtag then brings up sample tweets from the audience to provide more context on how it is being used. Take a look at some of the examples below:

Analyzing the audience segment called Competitive Gaming shows us another completely different audience segment that was mentioning this film over opening weekend. Looking at their Top Interests shows us how completely different they are from the Movie Fanatics audience.

Analyzing the Hashtags section shows us that #ReadyPlayerOne is actually their most used hashtag in the past 30 days and clicking through shows us sample posts of how they have been discussing the film.

By analyzing the audiences that are attracted to a film or TV show before launch and comparing it to the audience that was discussing it post-launch we can gain great insights into which audiences were being drawn most to the pre-release as well as which audiences the launch actually resonated with. This data helps make informed marketing decisions for future partnerships and campaigns, helping to attract larger audiences and increase profits.

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