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5 Ways Audience Insights Empower the Consumer Goods Industry

Staying up to speed with the ever-changing wants and interests of consumers is a challenge for the Consumer Goods industry. Historically, Consumer Goods brands have relied on traditional market segmentation techniques to identify and understand their target audiences. However, these broad segmentation techniques fail to reveal the most important component to successful marketing, what an audience finds interesting and influential.

New technologies are radically changing how Consumer Goods brands connect with their consumers. Affinio’s interest-based segmentation presents a powerful and unique opportunity for Consumer Goods brands to understand and authentically engage with their target consumers. Forward-thinking brands like Unilever and Danone recognize that to create relevant strategies they need high-quality audience insights that go beyond simple demographic-based segmentation.

Understand Global Audiences & Trends

Consumers want to align with the brands and products – from laundry detergent to yogurt – that understand their cultural identity. Imagine having a 360-degree view of your global audience and knowing who key segments are, what they want, when they want it, and why they have an affinity for your brand or a new trend? With these insights, Consumer Goods brands can craft cultural experiences that resonate in every geographic market, as well as understand what motivates key segments to make a purchase.

Gain Competitive Intelligence

Rival brands struggle to understand how well they are performing in the minds of consumers, and more importantly, how they are faring against their competitors. Why is a nearly identical product like a deodorant brand out-selling competitors? Today, brands can quickly understand where they rank in their industry and see who their customers are as well as their competitors’ customers. Affinio’s data-driven audience insights let Consumer Goods brands stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive by understanding what their target consumers care about on a deeper level and how their brand can differentiate against the competition.

Evaluate Global Brand Portfolios

When global Consumer Goods brands have multiple products under their umbrella and numerous consumer segments to cater to, understanding them all becomes a challenge. By leveraging Affinio’s audience insights, brands can identify how their entire portfolio is performing across target segments. Very quickly, Consumer Goods brands can evaluate their brand health and understand which audience segments they are attracting and which they are not.

Identify Brand-Safe Media Placements

In a politically-charged day and age, brands across every industry are keeping a close eye on their ad placements, messaging, and the allocation of coveted media dollars. Using Affinio’s data-backed approach, Consumer Goods brands can regain control of their messaging by understanding what resonates with their target consumer. In addition, brands can also justify their media spend and identify optimal “safe” media placements based on consumer interest and affinities.  

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Develop Data-Driven Content and Creative

For Consumer Goods brands to create content and product designs that stand out for the right reasons, brands must understand what content and creative is already resonating with key segments and why. Affinio’s audience insights empower Consumer Goods brands with insights such as the keywords, hashtags, images, influencers, and media sources needed to create impactful designs for content, packaging, and ads. It’s time to get noticed on the shelf and in a News Feed.

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