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Client Pitch? 3 Affinio Features You Should Be Using

Let’s face it: agency pitches are draining. Your resources, time, and energy is stretched to its limit. It seems like there just isn’t enough time to gather in-depth insights about a potential client, create award-winning creative, oh yeah. . . and keep up with your already packed work schedule. You might hear yourself telling your local barista, “Make that a double shot of espresso, please.”

Here at Affinio, we get it! Our customers include some of the biggest agency groups in the world, and our data has been used as the backbone of countless pitches and new business strategies. Our advanced technology makes your life, as a seasoned agency exec, easier.

Here are three Affinio product features you may not know about that will speed up your next client pitch:

1. Report Collections

When pulling together a pitch, data-driven personas allow you to be more strategic in catering to your client’s audience. Affinio’s Collections feature, found in the top Navigation bar when you log into the platform, is the perfect place to drag and drop your favorite data modules onto a blank canvas. Collections is a consistent place where you can arrange your custom collection from multiple reports and build multiple personas to show your potential client.

2. Presentation-Ready Screenshots

When getting ready for a pitch time is of the essence, and it’s likely you’re still tweaking your presentation moments before its due. We’ve made upgrades to Affinio’s export functionality and have added a new Screenshots feature. Screenshots delivers high-quality, presentation-ready platform images straight to your inbox within 5 minutes. Images can immediately be added to a client presentation to show the robust global insights Affinio yielded.

3. Cluster Compare

The biggest value an agency can provide their clients (other than amazing, kick-ass creative and exceptional client service) is knowing their audience better than they do. Affinio’s Compare feature, found in the top Navigation bar, allows you to reveal insights in seconds that no one else can see. Say you’ve identified Hockey Fans as a target audience for a potential client. . . but what are the nuances found amongst Hockey Fans? With the Cluster Compare feature you can immediately pinpoint the subtle differences and commonalities between two audience segments you care about for your next campaign or pitch.

Using Cluster Compare we can quickly see the nuances of “Hockey Fans.” The Hockey Fans on the right side are skewed in the USA.

Happy Pitching!

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