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Why Agencies Need Artificial Intelligence for New Business

Timing is critical when pulling together an informed client pitch. The more information you can gather up front on your prospective client, the better. Agencies must gain a profound understanding of their potential client’s audience in a short amount of time to win new business before their competitors scoop it up. Here is where AI-driven platforms like Affinio become an invaluable resource for any agency team.

Machine Learning enables Affinio to analyze and understand the connections between real people and their inherent interest patterns. Affinio reveals how audiences naturally form into like-minded clusters, united by their shared interests, behaviors, and affinities. Agency teams are then able to uncover insights about specific audience clusters including who they are, where they live, what brands or influencers they respond to, what content resonates with them and where they consume it.

Global agency creative, media, and content teams are leveraging Affinio’s insights to:

  • Reduce pitch research time and cost
  • Create data-driven pitch personas
  • Develop interest-driven content and media strategies
  • Identify hidden, high-value, non-endemic advertising opportunities for clients

One of the biggest differentiators for agencies today is how they analyze, interpret, and incorporate data into their marketing strategies. Affinio’s insights are redefining how global agencies, like Taylor, operate and win new business.

Customer Success Story

Taylor, a forward-thinking sports & entertainment PR firm, utilizes Affinio for new business strategies and to create unique marketing experiences. Taylor’s Ben Russell, Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead, shares:

Walking into a room with a prospective client partner, we want to know as much as we can about their target audience. While brands often have an overload of data about their customer, we aim to provide a succinct and differentiated view into how their audience behaves. Affinio allows us to humanize and visualize consumers by segmenting a brand’s following or building a custom audience based on media consumption patterns. Brand’s light up when we bring new definitions to their current customer base, and they’re intrigued when we discover opportunity segments. Affinio provides a necessary deep dive for my team to hone in on specific audience interests, and inform smarter communications strategies.

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