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Revealing the Vocal Minority and Silent Majority with Affinio

It has now become common practice for organizations to rely on social listening tools to extract audience insights. While social listening can be useful in understanding the sentiment of an audience – organizations often don’t realize that there is a significant problem with relying on conversation-based insights alone.

The issue? Only about 10% of social media users engage online. The rest (~90%) are consuming your content without vocalizing it. By just focusing on what your audience engages with you miss out on an enormous swath of undeclared interests. Affinio leverages network mapping to reveal interests based on content consumption and following patterns – which allows you to extract knowledge and cultural insights that would not have surfaced by using social listening.

This approach is precisely why Affinio customers will often use Affinio and a social listening tool in tandem. Users can export audiences that they find insightful from their social listening tool and upload the audience into Affinio. Our solution will segment the audience into naturally-occurring, interest-based segments allowing you to understand the passions of different communities from the initial conversation-based audience.

Here are a few use case examples and questions you can solve for by combining Affinio with a social listening solution.

Understanding the audience behind Brand Sentiment

  • Who is behind the negative/positive voice?
  • Are they fans of the brand or just joining in on the conversation to troll?
  • What are the key interest differences amongst my detractors and supporters?

Reveal the interest communities behind specific content trends

  • Who engaged with my brand during our last campaign?
  • Is it different than who typically engages with my audience?
  • Are there any new white space opportunities?

Strategize and combat a PR Crisis

  • Who is the crisis affecting? Is it all of my audience or only one specific segment?
  • What is the appropriate tone of messaging for this audience or segment?
  • Where should I distribute my content to effectively get our message out effectively?

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