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Affinio Express: Instant Audience Insights

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Jackie Davies

When you can expect delivery from Amazon the next day,  cook a full chicken in 10 minutes in your pressure cooker, or order groceries online and pick them up upon arriving at the store,  it’s not hard to notice that we as humans have grown impatient and aren’t willing to wait. Even a one-second lag on our laptops and we’re wondering what’s up with the wifi. We want things to come quickly, if not instantly, and this is especially true in the business world. Real-time data insights mean you can quickly react to things that are happening right now in the market and you can take action before your competitors do.

We had all of this in mind (and more) when we built Affinio Express – putting instant insights into the hands of all our customers.  We wanted you to be able to view any audience’s affinities in seconds.

So, rather than just go on and tell you about what we’ve built,  why don’t we just show you, (it’s faster)… 


With Affinio Express, you can now quickly view and create any audience persona. In this example we look at the profile of vegan moms:


The Discover feature was designed to explore two audiences at once, or compare your audience to the rest of Twitter. Let’s view and compare The Handmaid’s Tale US Audience versus The Crown’s US Audience.


The Compare ‘workflow’ allows you to quickly scan the things that bring any two audiences together and the things that differentiate them, showcased by 20 defining traits. Quickly size the two groups, including their overlap. Watch us compare two seemingly similar audiences, “UX Designers” against “UI Designers”.

With Affinio Express, you can also create rich boolean queries, like this one: (mom OR girl OR lady OR woman OR mum ) AND (target OR walmart OR kohls AND NOT macys)

Things to keep in mind:

When defining your audience, you have the option to find members based on their interests, bio-keywords, or locations, and you can use them in any combination with each other! 

Affinio Express is meant to be a light version of the original, so you will notice that we do not segment audiences out into clusters. If you would like to subdivide your audience, all you need to do is select “cluster” from the drop-down menu, choose the # of clusters, and name the report. Then you will be able to access the full clustered report from the original Affinio platform. 

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