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Affinio + Snowflake

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Jackie Davies

Affinio just announced its official partnership with Snowflake, the cloud-based data-warehousing company, making Affinio’s ATON platform listing available on Snowflake’s Data Marketplace.

Affinio’s ATON technology transforms Snowflake’s Data Warehouse into a graph analytics platform, enabling Snowflake customers the ability to analyze and cluster massive customer behavioural data sets and extract actionable insights. Behavioural data such as purchase, content consumption, click stream, web surfing, search, and churn data can all be analyzed using Affinio’s custom graph technology. Affinio’s ATON works seamlessly with Snowflake providing customers the ability to provision and share only the data they want to analyze. Additionally, Affinio’s technology will dramatically increase access to a much broader base of users within an organization, providing them with an easy-to-use data intelligence and visualization layer. 

“What organizations are learning is that their data science teams are creating a bottleneck to insights, preventing enterprises from truly realizing the full value of their data,” said Tim Burke, CEO of Affinio.  “Affinio’s ATON technology democratizes data science by putting insights at the fingertips of everyone in an organization, providing them an easy-to-use data intelligence and visualization layer.” 

With Snowflake’s ability to securely share data to any team across an organization’s Sales, Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, and even Talent functions, combined with Affinio’s AI-powered graph technology, all users will now have access to a mobile-enabled Insights-to-Activation solution. This surfaces unique customer behavioural patterns and hidden affinities across all areas of a business empowering everyone in an organization to make faster, data-driven decisions and unlock the full value of data stored inside Snowflake. 

“The intelligence and visualization capabilities within ATON offer Snowflake customers the ability to securely democratize data science across their organization at every level.  In doing so, they transform their data warehouse into an analytics powerhouse,” said Burke. 


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