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Affinio + Social Listening

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Jackie Davies

While social listening can be effective in understanding the sentiment of an audience, organizations often don’t realize that there is a significant problem with relying on conversation-based listening alone.

Only about 10% of social media users engage online. The rest (~90%) are consuming your content without vocalizing it. By only focusing on what your audience engages with, you miss out on an enormous swath of undeclared interests. 

Affinio leverages network mapping to reveal genuine interests based on content consumption and following patterns, which allows you to extract knowledge and cultural insights that would not have been surfaced by relying solely on conversation-based listening.

Affinio and Social Listening

Luckily, users can export audiences they want to research deeper from tools like Brandwatch, Sprinklr, Netbase, or any other social listening tool they use, and upload the audience into Affinio. Our solution will segment these social audiences into naturally-occurring, interest-based communities, allowing you to understand the different communities that live within the initial conversation-based audience.

Why you should use Affinio in conjunction with your Social Listening tools 

It is important to know who is talking about your brand and what is being said, but Affinio helps to further understand the conversation by segmenting this engaged audience into interest-based communities. In short, Affinio takes your social listening audience and reveals who these people actually are. 

For example, let’s look at an audience talking about the brand “Beyond Meat” using the social listening tool Crimson Hexagon: 

Now let’s look at this same Beyond Meat audience exported from Crimson and imported into Affinio: 

Now we can see which groups make up this audience, and whether or not they are following the Beyond Meat brand. 

What the Affinio report tells us about the communities inside this vocal audience: 

  1. Vegan Environmentalists:  These are the people talking about the positive impact of Beyond Meat on the environment, and their predominant sentiment in this conversation is positive. They also have a high affinity to the brand itself, as they are 1,004 times more likely to follow Beyond Meat then the rest of people on Twitter.
  2. Part-Time Vegan Moms : these are the moms testing out the Beyond Meat burger with their family and posting their review on social media. They don’t follow the brand itself, in fact they follow a variety of fast-food brands, and it is likely that they are just testing out this healthy alternative or partaking in a part-time vegan lifestyle. 
  3. Investors: these are the people who probably bought stock in the company when it first IPO’d and are still posting about the brand and giving updates on the stock price.
  4. Journalists: these are authors promoting the articles they’ve written about the brand. 
  5. Carnivores: these are the people most likely behind the negative posts, as they are using hashtags like #carnivore, and they do not follow the Beyond Meat brand at all.
  6. Russians: in October 2019, meatless burgers were first introduced into Russia, which is likely why this niche audience emerged.

Key Takeaways

The “Vegan Environmentalists” cluster is the strongest group for Beyond Meat to re-target, as they already have a high affinity to the brand. Keeping them updated with all the environmental benefits of the product means that they will likely reshare that message on their social channels, gaining the brand even more exposure.  

Second to them are the “Part-Time Vegan Moms” who care more about the taste and health benefits of a meat alternative option. They are cooking Beyond Meat burgers for their families, so they will only become repeat buyers if their families enjoy the product. If you can continue to produce and market Beyond Meat as a healthy alternative to hamburgers that families will still love, this segment will likely continue to buy.

In the scenario above, we looked at who was talking about Beyond Meat but remember: only about 10% of social media users engage online. So what about the other 90% of the Beyond Meat audience?

By running a separate Affinio report on everyone who follows Beyond Meat, we can capture that silent majority: 


Now we can expose the entire Beyond Meat audience — the vocal minority AND the silent majority, and in doing so we can be confident that we aren’t missing out on valuable insights that go undiscovered when you only use social listening tools. 

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