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CES Recap

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Jackie Davies

Yesterday marked the first official day of CES 2020 and it’s celebrity guest list surprised us just as much as the new tech did. Ivanka Trump, Shaq, and Guy Fieri were all there along with a couple of very realistic AI chatbots built by Samsung. Read on for an update of what went down on day one of CES! 

Guy Fieri & Amazon Alexa 

For all the Flavour Town fans out there, Guy Fieri made an appearance to cook with Amazon Alexa. We think this was a smart play –  a lot of the vendors are appealing to the obvious “Techies” but Guy Fieri resonates with a much broader audience, bringing all kinds of different people to Amazon’s exhibit. Just look at his audience: 

Foldable Tablets, Phones, and Laptops 

We’re seeing a lot of foldable devices this year at CES, including the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, Leveno’s first foldable PC, and Dell’s Concept Duet notebook. CES audiences are expressing the most excitement for the Intel foldable laptop, nicknamed the horseshoe bend, that you can hold just like a book. 

VISION-S by Sony 

Sony unveiled its first full-electric concept car that greets you as soon as you approach the vehicle. It features 6 dashboard touch screens where you can access all of the media controls including things like Sony-owned movies, music, and games. Speakers are also embedded into each seat’s headrest. If that’s not enough, it comes with more than 10 Sony image sensors embedded throughout the vehicle, alongside a host of other sensors like LIDAR, and ultrasonics. The largest audience showing interest in Sony’s concept car is a group of “Hardcore Gamers” and although Sony is a long way from production, when they do go to market they should be advertising to this audience through their top media channels listed below: 

Samsung – Humanoid Chatbot

Samsung’s new Neon humanoid AI chatbot is a virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence. But unlike Alexa or Google Home, you don’t ask them about things like the weather, instead, they are designed to act like humans that you can have a “real” conversation with. When we looked at the audience of this new chatbot, we noticed a cluster that had an extremely strong interest in anime, which suggests that if Samsung were to create a chatbot that looked exactly like some of their favorite anime characters, they could really increase early adoption across this group.