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Ecommerce & Direct-to-Consumer Industry Report

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Jackie Davies

Ecommerce sales are up by 40%, compared to pre-pandemic times, and 36% of consumers in the US have reported that they won’t return to brick-and-mortar stores until a vaccine is available. Even though consumers are buying more products online due to the coronavirus, Direct-to-Consumer brands, on the other hand, are anticipating hardships in the coming months as it is predicted that sales will continue to shift from nice-to-have products to must-have products, with DTC brands falling under the nonessential category.

Now more than ever, it is important for Ecommerce and Direct-to-Consumer brands to know where they stand against giants like Amazon or Warby Parker, as well as which audiences they are winning or losing. This was our hope for this report, that brands could look to this industry report to not only learn about current trends, but start to understand the audiences they’ve won or need to work harder to attract. 

Using Affinio’s insights technology we broke the US Twitter audience down into 20 distinct audiences, each with their separate affinities and needs. In this report we look at which Ecommerce brands and DTC Companies are winning in terms of engagement with each audience. This analysis offers a roadmap for each Ecommerce and DTC brand to drive growth by better engaging US audiences. 

Here are the first two pages of the report, with the key insights. For the full report with USA audience personas, go here.

Want to see the full report? Click here.