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Get to know gamers

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Sean O'Connor

The video gaming industry is bigger than ever. Currently, more than 2.5 billion people are playing video games globally and recent events are accelerating this growth. Pair everyone being forced to spend more time inside with the majority of entertainment coming to a halt, and you’ll find that most people are looking for new sources of entertainment to fill this gap. 

Enter video games and streaming. It seems that everyone is getting into streaming, with celebrities like Post Malone and athletes like Karl-Anthony Towns hopping on the bandwagon. A recent event put on by Fortnight and Travis Scott attracted 12 million people to an in-game concert. The continued growth of video gaming is attracting a very diverse audience, meaning that the marketer’s job is becoming increasingly difficult. 

For gaming publishers and creators, obtaining detailed audience insights and behavioral data on their gamers and fans from partners across the gaming ecosystem is no doubt challenging at times, especially with the depreciation of third-party cookie data.

Affinio gives users the ability to analyze consumer interest data available through Twitter and Reddit (both of which have extensive gaming fans and communities) and helps to capture vast self-identified interests and behavioral insights. Affinio can also help enrich existing consumer insights or fill any blind spots/unknowns. Below, we are going to show how Affinio gives marketers a deeper understanding of gamers and surfaces insights that help inform strategies to grow and engage this rapidly growing community. 

Audience Analysis 

For this example, we’re going to use Affinio to understand the fanbase of the world’s largest gaming streamer, Ninja. 

Ninja is the world’s most popular streamer with over 14 million followers. He is best known for playing Fortnight but has been streaming a variety of games throughout the last decade. We took it to Affinio to analyze Ninja’s USA Twitter following and divided this audience into 14 distinct clusters. 

27% of Ninja’s audience is made up of members from the Fortnight community and the remainder of Ninja’s audience is made up of smaller unique groups with very different interests and passions. Let’s take at a look at an individual cluster, Competitive Gamers, and their top non-gaming and gaming-related interests.

The interests that are being shown are in order of Relevance, demonstrating the most contextually relevant interests (otherwise known as the macro interests for this specific audience).


  • Even when this cluster is not gaming most of the entertainment they consume is gaming related ie. @Twitch (video live stream of gamers) or @Discord (instant messaging for gamers)
  • They stream online gaming through both Twitch and YouTube
  • These Competitive Gamers are influenced by a wide range of people from DJ’s like Marshmello and famous YouTubers such as David Dobrik
  • They also have an interest in the latest tech and follow accounts like @SpaceX and @Tesla


  • This communities top favorite games are Fortnite and Apex Legends (battle royal games) and Valorant and Overwatch (5v5 shooter games) 
  • Their top gaming influencers are Tfue, Cloakzy, Sym, and Nickmercs who are famous Fortnite and Call of Duty players and streamers
  • Their top gaming teams are Faze Clan who are best known for Call of Duty and 100 Thieves who are a League of Legends team

Data-Driven Creative

Now we can dive into Affinio’s content section to explore which keywords, hashtags, images, and organic and paid content resonate with this cluster most. Marketers can use this information to create compelling content to engage different communities of gamers. 

Below are the top hashtags and mentions for the Competitive Gamers cluster: 


  • They @Mention pro gamers and streamers like Stable Ronaldo and Clix
  • The hashtags they use are related to Playstation like #ps4share and #pslive and popular games like Fortnite ie. #fortniteseason3

The content that is being shown is the most liked content amongst the Competitive Gamers cluster.


  • This cluster gives the most “likes” to posts related to Fortnite 
  • Their top posts are images of weapons and guns 
  • They enjoy posts with video over just regular tweets or images

Audience Activation

Affinio’s media category of the interest graph allows you to identify the most optimal media channels to advertise to your target audience through. Here are the top media outlets for the Competitive Gamers Cluster: 


  • They prefer to get their gaming news from smaller and specialized media outlets like HYPEX and Fortnite News 
  • They follow Sports Centre and Barstool for sports updates
  • Besides gaming and sports they also follow the Hip-Hop news publisher XXL Magazine 

From just one gaming audience report, we have identified Ninja’s fanbase, analyzed one of his key fan groups, collected information to develop data-driven creative, and built a media targeting strategy specific to that cluster. But this is just a small list of all of the things that Affinio can be used for when it comes to understanding and targeting gamers. Learn about the many other ways our customers are using Affinio to grow and engage gaming audiences by reading the full gaming one-pager here.