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New Feature: Predefined Personas

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Jackie Davies

No need to exert effort in brainstorming appropriate audience filters – now there are input helpers to assume the mental overhead for you! Our newest feature, Predefined Personas, allows users to try out suggested audiences, including Gen Z, Gamers, and a variety of different genre fans. Once a persona is previewed and selected, the associated suggested handles and bio keywords will automatically populate, making the report-building process fast and easy. You can still do any of the following before launching your report: add or remove filters (including location), adjust Boolean logic, apply Benchmarks, or change the cluster count.

Here’s how to get started:

When building out a new Twitter audience report, click ‘Select Persona’ on the Filters step of the report builder.
Select one of the 17 predefined audiences listed below to preview its filters:

Click “Apply” to see the related handles and bio keywords automatically populate in the report builder.
It’s also important to note that all resulting reports for a given persona won’t necessarily look the same – depending on your cluster count choice and any changes made to the suggested filters.

Now let’s take a look at three different reports created using the Predefined Personas:

#1: Gen Z

Among the various suggested filters you’ll see included for the Gen Z audience are: followers of Charlie D’Amelio or Olivia Rodrigo, and people who self describe with “Tiktok” in their bio.

Here’s how the audience breaks out:

#2: Reality Bingers

Among the various suggested filters you’ll see for the Reality Bingers are: followers of @BravoTV and @KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians).

Here’s how this audience breaks out:

#3: Gamers

Among the suggested filters for the Gamers cluster are: followers of @Twitch, @CallofDuty or @Playstation, and other various gaming handles and bio keywords.

Here’s how this audience breaks out:

Start using the ‘Predefined Personas’ feature to build out popular audience reports in seconds! Even just preview our personas as a way to start ideation for your own custom audiences – or opt to mix-and-match our best suggestions together into your own hybrids.