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Understanding Gamers Who Love The Forza Racing Franchise

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Forza Motorsport 6, a racing video game for Xbox One, was released in September 2015, which means the world has had just over three months to soak in all of the cutting edge cars, tracks, and the beautiful 1080p, 60fps detail. Hailed by IGN as the biggest, broadest, and best Forza Motorsports game yet, the reception of the game to date has been strong. While it's great to see news outlets and publications such as IGN attesting to the quality of the game, the true measure is in the fans who play it. If the gamers love it, then it's a success.

By understanding an audience intimately, including their likes, dislikes etc. marketers are able to adjust how they speak to their audience to ensure every interaction is meaningful.  To better understand the people interested in Forza, we decided to analyze the 125K people who follow @forzamotorsport on Twitter using the Affinio platform. We then segmented them into tribes based on their interests and affinities and looked at the social graph between users to begin extracting valuable insights.Once segmented, we found the following tribes: 


Of the tribes identified, we decided to focus on the tribe we labelled "Hardcore Xbox Fans." Below are the highlights we uncovered:

Top hashtags used by members of the Hardcore Xbox Fans tribe:forza_hashtags.png

Top mentioned accounts by tribe members: forza_mentions.png

Tweets favorited most by tribe members:

Top 20 people to tribe members:

Top 20 brands to tribe members:

Top 20 games to tribe members:

Top shared Vines by tribe members:

What does all of this data mean?

This level of insight into a niche within Forza's audience allows marketers to paint a truly hollistic, data-driven persona of a Forza playing gamer.  Layering in the people, brands, games, and content that matter most to them allows marketers to develop content strategies that involve the right topics and are distributed through the right channels.Stop building content and marketing strategies that are based on assumptions and start using data to truly understand your customer.

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