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[Product Update] Introducing the Coyote Release

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At Affinio, pushing boundaries is part of our mandate. We are in constant development, on the prowl for the best ways to deliver the greatest insights possible. Our potential is endless! One might say, we’re like a pack of wild animals. Ahead of the curve, agile, and… okay, we’ve taken this way too far. Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce our latest product update, Coyote!

Coyote delivers an enhanced user experience, new ways to target your audience, and added administrative functions for scale and enterprise efficiency. Let’s take a deeper look into what Coyote has to offer.

More Intuitive

Our platform was already incredibly intuitive. But we felt that some of our more advanced features weren’t as straightforward as they could be. We’ve updated our benchmark settings, so now you can optionally set target accounts at the time of report creation (as well as through your regular Settings). For those of you who don’t know, benchmarks allow you to measure additional accounts for affinity and relevance scores among the natural interests of any audience you analyze. Benchmarks are a great way for companies to keep tabs on their competitors, partners, brands or subsidiaries, and know where they rank within their industry.

You may have already noticed—we’ve updated our website! In addition to our new look and feel, you’ll find a richer resource page with relevant case studies, testimonials, and e-Books on specialty topics. Intuitively navigate our main website or subscribe to our blog for our latest cultural reflections and use cases.

Easier Targeting (beta)*

Affinio’s interest-based segmentation is the bee’s knees. We group audience members into unique clusters based on their interest patterns. When it comes to larger audiences, you may want to drill down further into some of those segments; or when it comes to a smaller cluster, you may want to find more of the same type of people to analyze. For this latter case, Affinio now offers the ability to sub-segment clusters as a new action within your audience report. You can choose to auto-expand and re-segment your target cluster into a new report. Affinio will blend original members with extended members by using our look-a-like modeling to find users with similar interest patterns. Now you can save time, effort, and target your reports in a simpler fashion.

Let’s say you’ve already analyzed an audience with Affinio, identified the cultural fingerprint of your target, and created a personalized marketing plan that reflects it — so now you’re ready to position your ad on Twitter. With Affinio’s look-a-like modeling and direct import to Twitter’s Tailored Audiences platform, we’ve made it even easier for you to reach the right people. You can place highly targeted ads to grow key audience segments, or run sample campaigns for A/B testing. Simply authorize your ad account with Affinio, and we’ll deliver customized audience lists directly to Twitter’s Audience Manager for campaign execution.

*We are currently offering both cluster sub-segmentation and Twitter advertising as a 30-day beta test. Premium pricing (or usage caps) may apply in the future.

Greater Efficiency

We’ve also added new administrative functions for improved scalability. Now companies can implement Affinio easily across all their teams by having Admin users onboard colleagues, manage groups, and control user permissions. Regular users will also benefit from better report management and dynamic sharing capabilities.

For faster onboarding and immediate support, we’ve updated our in-app Help section to include a comprehensive User Guide. The User Guide covers topics ranging from report creation to advanced analysis and report management. Not only is this convenient for existing users, but it makes it easier for companies to introduce new staff to the platform as well.

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