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[Product Update] Jellyfish Release

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Justin Blackburn

Jellyfish are known for their colorful translucent bodies, tentacles that act as a defense mechanism, and tendency to swarm together in packs. Affinio’s latest product update, Jellyfish, takes inspiration from these qualities. Affinio’s April product update — will make it easier to share Affinio insights, add a layer of protection to support content, and directly connect with audience feeds via CRM.
The Jellyfish release brings new slides exports, the ability to hide clusters, additional support and training best practices, and a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Slides Exports: Save half the work preparing insights for sharing

We know that Affinio users will often pull together decks using insights from the platform. This can be time-consuming and tedious. Now you can get a head start on putting together pitch decks and presentations for clients and colleagues with the new Slides Export feature.
You can choose to download an Audience or Cluster Summary deck which will be pre-populated with data and screenshots from each key section of your report.
This feature makes it even easier to streamline and share insights with clients and colleagues who may not be Affinio users. It also gives you a head start on putting together pitch decks, and lets you customize presentations in a consistent format, whether you use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or other software.
Hidden Clusters: Make your Network Graph picture perfect the first time
Affinio let’s data tell the story, but we can appreciate that you may not always have the time or want to highlight every single cluster while presenting insights to your team and clients.
Now you can hide any unwanted clusters from your reports without any awkward photo manipulations or the need to run multiple reports.

You’ll be able to choose which clusters you’d like to hide and they will be faded out along with the corresponding labels removed, giving you cleaner screenshots and presentations that let you focus your attention on the clusters that matter most.
Additional Support and Training Best practices: Become an Affinio expert, then an office hero
We’ve had self-service support available on our Help Center for over a year now but we are constantly making updates. As of today, we have changed the way our security works on our Help Center. We’ll also be launching a new Videos section, which will include webinars, advanced feature tutorials, and essential platform training.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Gain greater clairt when building and viewing reports

Our relationship with Microsoft continues to bloom! We are really excited to announce our latest integration with Microsoft. You can now directly transfer social authors from Dynamics 365, cluster them, and analyze them on Affinio. This saves you the manual effort of exporting handles from your CRM and uploading the CSV list into Affinio.
We hope you’re looking forward to our Jellyfish release as much as we are. If you’d like to stay in the loop on all our future updates, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.
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