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[Product Update] Lobster Release

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Justin Blackburn

Lobsters are the lifeblood of many working fishing communities, known for their ability to grow forever and claws that can exert immense power. Affinio’s latest product update – Lobster – takes inspiration from these qualities. The update will enable you to compare clusters across reports, gain a new lens on any audience, differentiate cluster insights in a flash, and make you feel even more confident in the suggested cluster labels.

Cross-report Compare

Easily compare two clusters from different audiences without having to export or manipulate data. Validate or eliminate assumptions about what makes them tick. This feature is great for making side-by-side comparisons of competitive and regional intel.

Exclusion Filters

Detect loyalty sensitivity with exclusion filters when launching a new report. Identify the nature of your fans who don’t also follow your competitors (or vice versa). Evaluate the followers of shows or movies who are indifferent to the stars (or vice versa). Opt to study global audiences with the exception of certain locations. Even remove self-identification keywords to further filter audience profiles. The possibilities are endless!

Updated Auto-naming

Benefit from optimized logic and the introduction of 1300+ new automated machine-learned cluster names like ‘DIY Bloggers’ and ‘Tech Gurus’ to save effort in your validation.

Refreshed Traits

Our Cluster Summary cards now let you absorb all key traits without leaving the main page. Explore variances across more characteristics, compare ‘least’ and ‘most’ factors, and see peripherally “related” traits.

Alternatively, you can take a deep dive of the refreshed Traits page by clicking directly into the Traits subsection.

We hope you’re looking forward to leveraging all of the features included in the Lobster release! All features outlined above are now available in the Affinio platform.

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