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[Product Update] Manatee Release

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Justin Blackburn

Manatees play an integral role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by eating a lot of seagrass. It’s estimated that they can spend up to 7 hours a day foraging. By doing so, they keep the grass short which helps maintain the health of the seagrass beds. Affinio’s latest product update – Manatee – takes inspiration from these qualities by helping you prune reports and the time spent actioning them.
This Manatee update is heavily focused on increasing the overall user experience. It will enable you to go beyond the cosmetic hiding of clusters to their full removal, let you apply more filters to your custom-supplied Twitter uploads, and grab the insights that matter most with enhanced export options.

Cluster Removal

Don’t just hide clusters, completely take them out of the equation. Edit out bots, anomalies, and clusters that simply distract from your storyline. We’ll automatically adjust all metrics and visuals to reflect your remaining audience. Plus, you can always add clusters back later if you change your mind.

Upload Filters

Fine-tune the Twitter audiences you supply from your social sign-on, CRM records, social listening authors, survey respondents, newsletter lists, loyalty members, or other sources using advanced filters. Study only the subset you care about most.

Actions Updates

Improve your pitch decks and analysis with some handy new export options that cut down on manual manipulation. More data is now exposed to help inform your various strategies. We’ve also introduced new persona slide templates which can be found in our Help Centre.

We hope you’re excited about the features included in the Manatee release! All features outlined above are now available in the Affinio platform.

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