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Streaming Industry Report

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Jackie Davies

While most industries have been negatively affected by COVID, others like the $24 billion dollar streaming industry, just keep growing. There has been a 5% increase in SVOD subscribers, and total streaming time has risen by 85% during quarantine, as viewers have more time than ever to binge watch TV, rerun through their favorite series, and try out different streaming services. 

Using Affinio we broke the US Twitter audience down into 20 distinct audiences and looked at which streaming services are winning in terms of engagement with each segment. This analysis offers a roadmap for each service to drive growth by better engaging audiences (view the full report here). 

Here are the key insights we found: 

  • Netflix is winning at every single audience in the USA with the exception of MAGA Conservatives who have the highest interest in Amazon Prime Video 
  • Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and HBO are the next biggest players in the SVOD market, after Netflix 
  • Quibi is the only SVOD that isn’t winning at any one audience cluster, but they are gaining heavy traction with the Democrat cluster
  • SVOD view time has risen by 85% during quarantine, and viewers are seeking comfort shows (familiar, nostalgic, easy); comedy, drama, and romance are the most popular genres right now
  • Currently, the top trending show amongst this USA audience is Netflix’s The Last Dance 

Here is the first page of the Streaming Industry report, but you can read the full report here

Want to see the full report? Click here