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The power of now: real-time, mobile-first audience insights

3 minutes

Jackie Davies

Co-authored by David Boyle 

We live in a time where it takes one second to google the answer to almost anything, and the average person conducts 3–4 Google searches every single day (I had to google that).

So it’s ironic that a marketer, who is tasked with answering multiple questions about their customers every single day, has to wait for weeks or sometimes months to get their answers. 

What’s worse is that, like Google, marketers already have the data. Whether it’s data from an app, social media analytics, transactions or research: most keep data in either a DMP, CDP or data warehouse. But those tools haven’t lived up to their promises, and the biggest complaint marketers have is that it takes too long and too much skilled manual work to extract insights from them. By the time they have their answer, the answer is irrelevant. The moment has been missed. Or, often marketers just don’t bother asking teams for insights because they’re not sure who to ask or because the ‘transaction cost’ of asking an analyst and going to a prioritization meeting to get your request scheduled just isn’t worth it. 

Consider this scenario: your competitor is having a flash sale and you want to know a) how much of your revenue is impacted and b) which customer segments should you should target with your own sale. Waiting on your DMP or for your data scientist to rummage through your data sources to try to find these answers for you equals lost opportunities and money left on the table.

Or how about this one: you’re asked to join a meeting with a supplier. You wish you had a profile of which of your customers were buying from them, where the growth opportunities are and what their customer satisfaction scores were. But you don’t have time to go request it all. 

Marketers need “the power of now” 

To make real-time decisions, marketers need to be equipped with real-time audience insights that are not only immediate but continuous so that they can make decisions on what is happening now with the latest available data. 

Affinio 2.0 gives marketers the power of now: instant access to insights. Similarly to a DMP, you can upload all of your first-party data into Affinio, or, simply connect your DMP or any other data source or data set. But different from a DMP, you can then query that data and have your answers back in seconds. So how is this different from a BI tool? Well, it doesn’t just produce more data, or tables, or graphs that you are left still trying to interpret. Affinio automatically correlates relevant data and delivers the right insights to drive business decisions, and it visualizes these insights in a way that everyone can understand. 

But Affinio 2.0 doesn’t stop there… We know that the real power of a Google search is that you don’t have to be sitting at your desktop to type in your question and find your answer – the answer is at your fingertips as long as you have your phone (and wifi). This is why we made Affinio 2.0 a mobile-first audience insights tool: so you can get insights from anywhere, on the fly. 

Now, picture yourself in your next meeting: your marketing manager wants to know which customers are most likely to respond to a new product launch, and 2 seconds later you can tell them. Now THAT is the power of now.