About Affinio

How it all began

From smartphone tethering and lobster scanning to machine learning and big data analysis, Affinio spun out of an R&D lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia that spent its time developing solutions for some of the world’s hardest problems. Clean energy, sustainable fishing, remote data access – these are just some of the projects we’ve explored. We found that all of these verticals had similar challenges – understanding the underpinning connections across massive data assets and the need to identify common patterns. Traditionally, to do so, required making a copy of data, transforming it, and storing it in a graph database. We wanted to be able to achieve the benefits of graph analytics without needing to make a redundant copy in a graph database.

After years of development, we had created a custom, high-efficiency graph analytics technology that could be applied on top of relational databases, without needing a graph database, to unlock rich insights. We quickly saw the power of this technology in the marketing and advertising worlds to develop rich data-driven personas and scalable “behave-alike” audiences. This was the start of Affinio. Now, Affinio has ported this same graph technology natively inside Snowflake’s Data Warehouse to empower enterprises with rich customer insights and powerful privacy-safe data collaboration, without ever having to move data.

Our Custom Graph Technology

Affinio's apps are powered by our custom graph technology which is used to automatically discover interest-based communities, build data-driven personas, and create scalable "behave-alikes" for media planning and activations.