Staying up to speed with the ever-changing preferences and interests of consumers is a challenge for consumer goods (CG) companies. For CG brands to provide consumers with products that they keep coming back for, they must intimately understand their target consumer and keep their finger on the pulse of the market.

Understand Consumer Groups

Get a deep understanding of consumer groups from the products they purchase to the competitors they choose. Know what drives their purchase activity and use that knowledge to keep your products top-of-mind.

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Uncover Consumer Trends

Monitor how the interests of consumers change over time to ensure your products, communications, and branding are always relevant to what they care about.

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Create Cross-Department Buyer Personas

Create data-driven buyer personas that combine psychographic and demographic data. Use personas as a reference point when targeting, informing strategies, building products, and more.

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Identify Strategic Partnerships

Use a data-backed approach to identify which individuals, brands, media, publications, and channels have the most power to capture consumer attention, and justify your investment in these strategic partnerships.

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Develop Data-Driven Creative

Create impactful designs for content, packaging, and ads, by understanding what resonates with your target audience including images, keywords, emojis, and more.

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Gain Global Insights & Gain Competitive Intelligence

Identify untapped geographic audience segments and validate expansion into new locales. Understand what new geographic markets find influential including, brands, media channels, and more.

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The Affinio Difference

Unlocking the power of consumer data at the world's leading companies

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