Equality at Affinio

Diversity and equality have always been core values for Affinio.  We believe that innovation is fueled by a diverse team who are engaged in an inclusive and fair work environment. We only succeed when our employees are able to bring their best selves to our workplaces.

Attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce allows Affinio to leverage our unique experience and to better reflect the communities we serve. We are committed to continually reviewing our policies and practices to identify and act upon further opportunities for improvement – we will always strive for inclusion, fairness, and equality.

Equal Pay at Affinio

We work hard to ensure that our compensation and benefits package matches our values of inclusion and equality. We are committed to equal pay for equal work and we regularly conduct equal pay audits across our entire organization, assessing for statistical differences in pay and taking action when appropriate.  

We are committed to the Glassdoor Equal Pay Pledge and are proud to have a diverse group of employees in every part of our company. We have compensation that reflects our commitment to equal pay, advancement based on merit and a spirit of community.

Equal Opportunity at Affinio

Our aim is to build an inclusive workplace where our employees can fully contribute, find opportunities for advancement, and feel valued. We do this through training, diverse hiring practices and workforce development initiatives.  

We leverage the Salesforce Trailhead Cultivate Equality at Work trail for all employees, including manager training with the Impact of Unconscious Bias module. And we deliver Diversity and Inclusion certification training to all employees.

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