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With the phasing out of third party cookies, brands are scrambling to find a scaled solution for media buys. Affinio's apps benefit the whole ecosystem. Publishers, Enrichment Providers, and Implementation partners alike use them to generate leads, sell more syndicated audiences, and unlock custom segment creation.


Brands can now instantly discover the compatibility of ShareThis interest and behavioral data. Choose from 4 different identifier types to unlock sample domain visit and keyword patterns. Look for the ShareThis/Affinio tile in the Marketplace for more details.

  • Assess where full-scale enrichment may make sense based on overlap matches and insights
  • Gain deeper customer insights and leverage that knowledge to plan media buys, run models, and even inform new product and brand innovations
  • View consumers’ true passions and interests in a way that even social platforms can’t capture from behind the walled gardens


Assess overlap and virtually enrich your consumer knowledge with their rich data, or use it to identify the best syndicated segment synergies.

  • Choose from a sample of 300M hashed emails or 232M MAIDs for unlocking behavioral and demographic signals - including traits at the level of individuals (age, gender, education, ethnicity), households, interests, and purchase behaviours
  • Assess optimal syndicated segment opportunities, without onboarding, from among 1900 segments across 6 premium audiences


Affinio and Infutor have partnered up to showcase how Streaming Providers, or any Media & Entertainment ‘publisher’, can bring immediate color to third-party data to impact their bottom line.

  • Access Infutor’s Total Consumer Insights file - a snapshot of every adult individual and household in the US with 100s of demographic and behavioral signals
  • Highlight the nuances of your viewership to drive higher ad revenues through better targeting, personalization and segmentation powered by rich consumer profile data


SeekData helps design, build, support and lead leading-edge analytics organizations across many industries & business functions, helping clients to deliver data-driven, innovative solutions to their business partners.  

  • Intersection of business knowledge and analytics acumen to drive long-term, sustainable business strategies regardless of the industry
  • Customer and marketing personalization at scale
  • CPG Merchandizing and assortment optimization
  • Pricing and promotion optimization

Specialists Marketing Services

A data-driven, multi-channel marketing company that offers high quality consumer and new mover segments for advanced targeting, data enrichment, analytics and measurement across multiple channels.

  • The SMS 360 Data Set is a multi-sourced database of 240 million consumers and over 150 million households with hundreds of consumer attributes including: strong demographics, home profiles, lifestyle interests, mail order buyers, occupation, auto and other specialty segments.
  • The SMS New Mover Masterfile includes 15.4 million movers in the USA each year and helps analyze home market trends geographically to predict both consumer purchasing behavior and demand for product and services.