Connecting with the Cryptoverse through Content

February 11, 2022

By Jackie Davies, Marketing Manager

Part Three of the "Mining the Crypto Community" Series

The Cryptoverse is growing at rapid speed, and the number of crypto investors is expected to triple to 1 billion people by the end of this year. With that said, brands must act fast to start building connections with this audience now, and take advantage of this massive opportunity. That’s why we’ve built our “Mining the Crypto Community” series that seeks to understand these audiences and keep brands ahead of the competition. 

Part One of the series explored what defines these crypto communities beyond their interest in the currency, and Part Two uncovered the top media channels and influencers to use when targeting them. In this installment, we’ll focus on the content that connects them to help guide creative that resonates.

To unearth these insights, we used Affinio’s graph technology which ingested the followers of the top cryptocurrency handles on Twitter and then segmented them into clusters based on their similar interest following patterns. This allowed us to conduct a deep-dive into each of the crypto subcommunities and identify emerging trends on the social graph. 

Here’s a snapshot of the Crypto Community: 

By looking at the breakout of this audience, you can see that a one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing is not going to work to connect brands with the different subcommunities of investors. A lowest common denominator approach isn’t enough to differentiate and stand out.  Hence why we need to better understand the content this community consumes and authors they prefer in order to build winning content strategies.

To do this, we’ve examined the largest crypto cluster (Political News Junkies) and surfaced their top-shared videos, links, hashtags, and posts. With these insights, brands can better engage this community and drive conversions.

When we scan the content the Political Junkies consume, we start to get a feel for the types of posts, articles, and videos that brands could create to increase engagement amongst this audience group. In summary we’ve learned that they…

  • Enjoy watching and sharing music videos and crypto workshops
  • Use hashtags to announce the games they’re playing (wordle), and movies they’ve watched (“Don’t Look Up”) 
  • Are interested in reading opinion articles on things like Web3
  • Like posts that use comedy when discussing the volatility of crypto; many of these audience members have probably experienced big wins and big losses, but they want to be able to find the humor in it 
  • Publicly share their goals and resolutions on social media, to keep them accountable 
  • Love sharing memes that use images from the shows/ movies they watch, that make fun of societal norms (like going to college) or current trends (like wordle)
  • Get excited about NFTs and like to share images of the newest collections

Brands can choose to create a cluster specific content strategy, like the one above, or they can create one for the entire crypto audience, and make small adjustments to ensure they still resonate with each group. In the example below we display how a brand could create a series of videos for the crypto community, but still tailor them to each cluster, based on Affinio insights:

"Political News Junkies" would prefer to watch and participate in workshops, "Football Fans, Gamers, and College Students" resonate with "How to" videos, like "How to create an NFT collection", and the Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Web3 Hype audience enjoy viewing crypto forecasts and market updates.

Brands can mirror their content to match insights like the ones we’ve pulled above to ensure they resonate with and connect with this audience, instead of getting lost in the noise.

If you’re interested in viewing the full report and learning more about each crypto cluster and the content they consume, sign up below.

Stay tuned for part four of our “Mining the Crypto Community Series”, where we explore the audience behind NFTs. 

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