Affinio Analytics

Instantly answer your most pressing business questions

Run Affinio’s graph analytics on your own internal first-party PII data inside Snowflake’s Data Markeplace. Anyone with or without a technical background can use Affinio to query their data, and their answer comes back in seconds, not days.

Analyze and share cross-departmental data without exposing PII

End data silos, and easily analyze cross-department data in a private and secure manner, and share insights to other departments that need them.

Powered by our custom graph technology

Affinio Analytics is an AI-powered insights-to-activation platform. It is powered by a custom graph analytics engine embedded inside the Snowflake Data Marketplace that examines billions of data connections in a single query. It incorporates affinity scoring and visualization technologies which quickly identify patterns across the entirety of any dataset and auto surfaces insights for end-users.

It empowers all teams from marketing to operations in the enterprise with business knowledge and a little SQL to unlock answers to their most pressing business questions.

Embedded inside The Snowflake Data Marketplace

Our analytics platform is embedded inside the Snowflake Data Marketplace meaning there is no data extraction; private data is never seen, copied, shared nor exposed, so it’s fully safe and secure to use!

Perfect for any data set

Our analytics platform can analyze any customer/behavioral data set. 

What do our customers use Affinio Analytics for?

  • Increased Engagement of Existing Customers
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Reduce churn
  • New Product / Service Innovation
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell
  • Better Campaign Performance
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Understanding the drivers of KPIs
  • and much more!

“Affinio highlights what else really matters to and defines our audiences. Specifically, it helps identify potential partnerships or segment audiences for different kinds of stories and messaging.”

Mike Scull, Global Brands Insight Executive, BBC Worldwide

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It’s time to take an audience-first approach

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