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Discover the best data partner to enrich your data and buy custom audiences at scale.

Find the best data partner

Discover the overlap between your customer data and another companies customer data, and then decide to enter into a clean room with them.

Affinio + The Snowflake Data Marketplace:

Audience enrichment in a cookieless world

Snowflake’s data-sharing technology, private data exchange platform, secure function and secure join capabilities, and underlying multi-tenant cloud data platform provide the foundation needed to run a data clean room. Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is where users can find third-party data providers to enter a clean room with.

The challenge is selecting the best data partner, out of hundreds listed in the Marketplace. That is where Affinio’s Matchmaker platform comes in. Matchmaker allows users to assess multiple different data partners, and view the audience ID overlap and affinities, without ever exposing or sharing raw PII data. It acts as a preview before you decide to enter into a clean room with a third-party provider.

Analyze multiple data sharing opportunities at once

View the exact audience overlap between your data set and any data provider

Embedded inside The Snowflake Data Marketplace

Our Matchmaker platform is embedded inside Snowflake’s Data Marketplace meaning there is no data extraction; private data is never seen, copied, shared nor exposed, so it’s fully safe and secure to use!

“Affinio highlights what else really matters to and defines our audiences. Specifically, it helps identify potential partnerships or segment audiences for different kinds of stories and messaging.”

Mike Scull, Global Brands Insight Executive, BBC Worldwide

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