Staying up to speed with the ever-changing preferences and interests of consumers is a challenge in the retail industry. For retailers to ensure their customers reach the checkout, they must intimately understand their target consumer and keep their finger on the pulse of the market.

Understand Retail Consumer Groups

Get a deep understanding of shopper groups from the products they purchase to the competitors they shop with. Know what drives their purchase activity and use that knowledge to increase share-of-wallet.

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Create Personalized Marketing

Understand the content, behavioral patterns and affinities that cause your customers to keep coming back. Deliver personalization in a privacy-protected way that benefits consumers and strengthen their relationship with your brand.

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Make Sense of All Your Consumer Data

Get a comprehensive view of your data across disparate sources, from online to offline, and use it to truly make better strategic decisions that will benefit both the consumer and your brand.
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Power Omnichannel Strategy

Consumers buy more when they come into your store. Learn what drives a better in-store experience and use that to drive seamless digital to in-store conversion at your retail brick-and-mortar locations.
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Build Better Retail Experiences

Product differentiation is just a part of beating out the competition. Experiences are what drive loyalty and repeat business. Align with the interests and passions of your consumers and create a truly unique brand experience.

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Activate with Confidence

Use a data-backed approach to identifying the content, channels, media outlets, and creative that will drive higher ROI on your media spend.
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The Affinio Difference

Unlocking the power of consumer data at the world's leading companies

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