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Affinio helps to analyze your first-party and third-party data in a repeatable and automated way, allowing you to better understand and address viewer and advertiser expectations to uncover insights that help you make strategic decisions. With Affinio you can uncover additional types of services you should offer and where to offer them.

Perfect Placement

Media companies use Affinio Social to pitch the right properties for Ad Sales, uncover emerging talent and whitespace opportunities, or identify brand partners. With Affinio’s ATON, these same companies can study viewer or listener patterns in their owned-and-operated portfolios to optimize targeting.

Fast audience insights

Win more media budget

Sell more data / activations

“Affinio highlights what else really matters to and defines our audiences. Specifically, it helps identify potential partnerships or segment audiences for different kinds of stories and messaging.”

Mike Scull, Global Brands Insight Executive, BBC Worldwide

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