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[VIDEO] IPG Media Lab and Affinio: An Interview with Chad Stoller & Angel Mendoza

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As part of our customer success video series, we are happy to share an interview with Chad Stoller, Managing Partner at IPG Media Lab, and Angel Mendoza, Partnerships Manager at IPG Media Lab. Our video series focuses on our world-class customers and their industry, the challenges they face, and where Affinio gives them a competitive advantage in their day-to-day operations.

IPG Media Lab is a strategy center that provides agencies and clients with the power to harness emerging media by offering facilities, expertise, and resources. Prior to joining the lab, Chad was the Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy at BBDO and Angel specialized in Business Development at the Digital Media Review (DMR).

During our time filming, both Chad and Angel shared numerous insights on the media industry and the increasing importance of social data to fuel decisions. As stated by Chad, “Insights, at the end of the day, are the currency that we operate on.”

To hear all of Chad and Angel’s insights and to see how IPG Media Lab works with Affinio, watch the full interview below:

[VIDEO] IPG Media Lab and Affinio: An Interview with Chad Stoller & Angel Mendoza from Affinio on Vimeo.

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