Quantifiable Data for Your Sponsorship Deals

Sponsorships and endorsements is a massive market, encompassing Billions of dollars in advertising spend worldwide each year. The projected numbers for the sports industry is a $14.98B spend and $2.1B for entertainment. According to IEG, sponsorship is a “cash and/or in-kind fee paid to a property in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property”.

With the continuous growth of mobile and social technologies, corporate partners are looking to become an integral part of the rightsholder's digital strategy.  However, to do so in a seamless way and maximize the benefit of the corporate partner’s investment, requires the rightsholder to have a deep understanding of their digital audience and knowing what sponsor content to share with them that will be meaningful, authentic and engaging.

With so much money being spent on this advertising strategy, corporate sponsors are placing the onus on the rightsholders to establish that they:

1) Have the audience that the corporate sponsors want access to and,

2) Can reach this audience through multiple channels, and

2) Can drive the right message to maximize the corporate partner’s ROI.

Social conversation data has been used to quantify sponsorship opportunities, however this data represents only a small portion of a rightholder’s social audience (since only 10-20% of any social audience “says” anything, and even fewer use the key terms in their tweets that existing tools are listening for).  Unlike social listening technologies, Affinio mines billions of social accounts and analyzes the underlying social network graph to:

  1. Analyze 100% of an audience (even the ones who don’t tweet) to identify naturally-forming communities (or “tribes”) of people with similar interests and affinities,

  2. Discover the brands that have highest affinities to these communities, and

  3. Uncover the content that is being shared inside these communities

This allows the sales team inside the rightsholders to quickly identify the brands they should approach for sponsorship deals with quantifiable data around the affinity between their properties and the corporate partner using insights that can guide the strategy around promotions that will resonate with these audiences.

How does it work?  Given that sports represent the largest segment for sponsorship investments, we decided to analyze the Miami Dolphins Twitter audience as an example.  

To start, we input the Dolphin’s Twitter handle as our input (453,197 Followers) and launched the analysis.  This takes about an hour to run.  


The Affinio engine then segments this social audience into its naturally forming “tribes”.  In this case, there were 14 tribes identified


Then by clicking on any of these tribes, we can quickly identify the highest affinity brand accounts to this audience segment


Digging into our “Content” tab allows us to quickly identify the type of media that is being shared within this community which can help guide the promotional strategy of the corporate sponsor.


All of this is easily exportable to, provide the rightsholder’s sales team with the quantifiable data to close more deals, faster.  

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