[Product Update] Flamingo Release

Flamingos are stunning tropical birds that have long legs with backward-bending knees, long curvy necks, and most noticeably, they are pink. Affinio has improved our product in ways that make it unique, distinct, and highly specialized, inspired by the beautiful and striking flamingo.

Flamingo — Affinio’s April Product update — is all about providing customers with a cross-channel view and deeper context.

The Flamingo release brings automatic cluster naming, deeper engagement insights, enhanced account security, and significant usability updates. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Affinio has expanded its range of networks, and will be providing analysis of LinkedIn data with DataSift’s PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights.

Access to LinkedIn Engagement Insights

Now, with Affinio’s access to LinkedIn Engagement Insight, you can gain insights into the privacy-respected data of over 467 million professionals worldwide and analyze members, content and interest insights. Reports can be run on pre-defined target segments by demographics and/or career qualities and will pull from a 30-day historical archive. These reports will enable you to research targeted groups of individuals as you define them; as well as analyze the articles they consume to create your own resonating content for your upcoming B2B campaigns. Affinio’s solution will provide intelligence on trending topics, skills, career profiles, and industry followers.

Confidently and Quickly Name Clusters

We are very pleased to introduce automatic cluster naming for Twitter reports as a Flamingo feature. This feature will save time and reduce guesswork when it comes to cluster naming by using Affinio’s machine-learned recommendations. We’ll look at the interest profile of each cluster, and if it matches one of our machine-learned interest profiles, we’ll name it by default. If we can’t find an interest profile that matches, the name will appear as it does today as “Cluster” followed by its number. You can opt to have this feature disabled via your Settings.

Pinpoint Peak Activity

We’ve always provided engagement metrics by time of day and day of week, but now we will be offering a hybrid of the two so you know exactly when your audience members are the most and least active. You will also be able to view general ebbs and flows across the month-long timeline. This feature will enable you to quickly understand engagement behaviour either for your overall audience, or for a particular segment of interest.

Better Usability, Faster.

User Guide Update

At Affinio, we are dedicated to constant improvement. That’s why, in addition to these new feature introductions, Flamingo includes several usability improvements as well. To enhance customer support, we have created a new-and-improved user guide designed for accessible learning and easy sharing.

Deeper Context into Emojis

Emojis have become a cultural phenomenon. Now on Affinio Twitter reports, you can dive deeper into and understand the context around emoji usage. This new feature is a great way to assess audience sentiment.

Benchmarks Improvements

Benchmarks are one of our most popular features. In our Flamingo release, we have made changes so that users can leverage benchmarks with greater ease. Now when creating a Twitter report, setting benchmarks will be a dedicated step that is supported by auto-complete input capabilities. Benchmarked results (owned and competitive) can now be found under their own results tab located under the Interests section.

Reddit Improvements

In our last release, Egret, we added Reddit to our roster of networks that you can analyze using Affinio. This release, we have also improved the report building process by adding estimates for engagement levels, giving the user a better idea of the audience size. We have also improved our Reddit reports to include much more detail in the Content section.

Visualization upgrade

Affinio is an incredible data visualization tool. This release, we have added the capability to sort data module visuals individually when navigating report pages or grabbing modules for Collections, providing users with more tailored and accessible results!

We have also made visualization and usability improvements to our Collections feature. Now, as you go to assemble your Collections, you will also notice improved labels so you know exactly where the data came from and if the data module has already been pulled into the Collection.

Affinio, in any Language

Affinio analysis is language-agnostic. Now, with the Flamingo release you can utilize your Input Optimizer upfront when using key words. This feature provides more guidance when it comes to building content queries across multiple languages.

Protect Your Assets

The insights you mine with Affinio are very valuable. In this release, we have taken advanced measures to ensure your data is protected. New features to protect your credentials include single session detection to protect from unauthorized account access, and a stronger failed validation procedure.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are. Let us know in the comments below!

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