Affinio is an augmented analytics platform that surfaces deep consumer insights within any data set.

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Our mission is to democratize data science and revolutionize market intelligence across your entire business portfolio.

Affinio brings meaningful analysis capabilities to everyone in your organization, exploring previously unknown connections from within your business.

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Why Affinio?

Monetize your Data

Democratize Insights

Make faster and better decisions

Deployment Model


You can choose to port your data into the Affinio cloud.


Tucked behind your firewall and directly linked to your existing data infrastructure, this in-house option eliminates compliance and data security concerns as your customer data never leaves the secure confines of your systems.
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Affinio can ingest infinite amounts of information from across all data sets and your entire organization.



Your data, in your control and from every facet of your business.

PII not required to be passed or can be anonymized. Alternatively, opt to run our algorithm from behind your firewall.


Powering insights that drive strategies for competitive advantage in hours not days.

Revealing hidden insights at the world's biggest companies

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Let us tell you the story of your data in a way you've never seen.

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Affinio has become an integral component of our customers’ business initiatives.

Affinio becomes a nice starting point for understanding our consumers and looking at the landscape of who we’re trying to speak to.

Insights at the end of the day, are the currency that we operate on. Affinio really opens the door to let us see some of those new insights.

It's only with tools like Affinio that you can really get the same values you would've got from research. It's only with tools like Affinio that provides genuine insight.

Affinio helps us understand who our consumer is, their relationship to culture, and Affinio’s cluster analysis helps us get to insights quickly. The self-serve interface democratizes access to rich data, meaning you don’t need to be a data scientist to benefit.