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Push your business to new heights and drive action
from your data by using our apps inside of Snowflake's Data Cloud - no data movement or extraction is involved!

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NFT Audiences

The NFT market surpassed $40 Billion in 2021, and is expected to grow to $80B by 2025. So who are the audiences collecting and investing in NFTs now? We used Affinio to find out. Read our latest blog post to tap into this growing market and understand what defines this audience beyond NFTs.

NFT Blog Post
New blog post

Unlocking Privacy-safe
Customer Analytics and
Data Collaboration

Push your business to new heights and drive action
from your data by using our apps inside of Snowflake's Data Warehouse - no data movement or extraction is involved!

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Privacy-first Apps

Our multi-party applications run natively inside Snowflake's Data Warehouse, requiring no data movement. Use our Snowflake apps to understand your customers, and surface insights that help you change customer behaviour and drive lift. Future-proof your marketing workflows in a safe and scalable way without ever exposing raw data.

Customer Profiling

Unlock customer analytics and insights across all data in the warehouse. Automatically discover over-indexing affinities and behaviours and develop data-driven personas for personalization and targeting.

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Propensity Modeling

Automatically score all your customers against target criteria - e.g. likelihood to churn, upsell, engage, etc. Leverage these propensity scores for high-performing marketing campaigns.

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Segment Overlap

Identify segment overlaps between your customer data and multiple other strategic publishers and enrichment partners, simultaneously in one view (without ANY party exposing private data or PII).

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Automatically create scalable, custom audiences, based on first party data “seeds”, within strategic publishers’ / enrichment partners’ Snowflake environments - ready for activation.

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Audience Clustering

Cluster your customers or prospects in seconds based on any or all desired attributes available in your owned data -  whether it’s behaviors, interests, profiles, transactions, or other.

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How it works


Created with Snowflake's Secure Functions

Affinio’s applications are created using Snowflake’s Secure Functions, allowing us to send the analytics to your data, not the other way around. This means that Affinio never sees, nor has access to, the data in your Snowflake environment. This deployment strategy enhances the security of your customer data, while enabling rich insights - all natively inside Snowflake


Shared through Snowflake's Data Sharing

We create these applications inside Affinio’s Snowflake instance and pass them directly into a customer’s Snowflake account using a Share (no actual data is shared, only the applications). You will receive the tech as an inbound Share and be up-and-running in hours, not weeks.


Running on top of your data

Our apps run completely within Snowflake and extend to integrate seamlessly with other Snowflake-connected elements of the tech stack - like BI tools, marketing automation platforms, and advertising pipelines.

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