AI Driven Behavioural Insights at Scale

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Affinio’s ATON platform is now available to Snowflake customers through Snowflake’s Data Marketplace.

The intelligence and visualization capabilities within ATON offers Snowflake customers the ability to securely democratize data science across their organization at every level and transform their data warehouse into an analytics powerhouse.

Download the Snowflake one-pager here.

The Power of Affinio's Graph Technology

Analyze connections in data at scale

Uncover hidden patterns

Identify communities and anomalies

Surface new growth opportunities
Discover affinities hiding within your data that power new revenue opportunities

Transform customer engagement
One-to-one understanding of your customers so they get exactly what they want and need

Redefine Operational efficiency
Insights to activation in a provisioned and compliant manner for your entire organization

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Why Affinio?

We’re focused on helping customers realize the value of their data infrastructure investment

We aim to democratize data science putting insights into the hands of your entire workforce

We're obsessed with surfacing the answers that live within your data without you ever having to ask them

Success Story: MECCA + Affinio

MECCA, the largest beauty retailer in Australia, used Affinio to segment and cluster its loyalty data into six distinct audience clusters with unique, insightful characteristics.

The insights Affinio surfaced on each cluster transformed the way they think about their customers, allowing them to improve in-store experiences and optimize their loyalty program.

Thanks to Affinio, MECCA no longer lumps all of their high spenders together, and they understand the needs of each segment, and how to increase spend across each one.

Let us tell you the story of your data in a way you've never seen.

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Affinio has become an integral component of our customers’ business initiatives.

Affinio becomes a nice starting point for understanding our consumers and looking at the landscape of who we’re trying to speak to.

Insights at the end of the day, are the currency that we operate on. Affinio really opens the door to let us see some of those new insights.

It's only with tools like Affinio that you can really get the same values you would've got from research. It's only with tools like Affinio that provides genuine insight.

Affinio helps us understand who our consumer is, their relationship to culture, and Affinio’s cluster analysis helps us get to insights quickly. The self-serve interface democratizes access to rich data, meaning you don’t need to be a data scientist to benefit.