Unlock the True Power of Your Consumer Data

Affinio puts the power of AI at the fingertips of everyone in the organization. A dynamic visualization layer allows non-technical people to interpret the results with confidence and consistency, allowing them to make smart, fast, strategic decisions with ease and at scale.

Turnkey and Scalable, AI You Can Start Using Today

We don’t throw these terms around lightly. Affinio is the only AI-driven consumer intelligence solution that gives you results on day one within a couple hours—no extended managed services engagements, no custom builds. Just AI how you need it, when you need it, across your marketing ecosystem.

Safe for Your Brand and Your Customers' Privacy

The landscape of consumer data and privacy is changing fast. We believe it’s for the better and marketing can deliver more value than ever. Build strategies based on consumer patterns while staying GDPR compliant and respecting the privacy of your most valued asset, your customers.

Let AI-Driven Segmentation Power Your Marketing

You’re sitting on mounds of data, but do you truly understand the patterns and behaviors buried within it? Only Affinio enables you to step outside of demographic or panel-based segmentation and let the data tell the story of who your customers really are.

From strategy through to activation, Affinio clients use AI-driven segmentation to uncover the hidden patterns laying dormant in their structured and unstructured data to influence marketing and business decisions across the enterprise.

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When you need to enable global teams to drive their own strategies across your organization, you can’t gate access to insights. Affinio enables the entire organization to get access to AI-driven insights quickly and easily, when they need them, so they can drive strategy and innovation at every turn.


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Consumer Insights


Revealing hidden insights at brands and agencies like yours.

"It's only with tools like Affinio that you can really get the same values you would've got from research. It's only with tools like Affinio that provides genuine insight."

David Boyle

EVP of Insight, BBC Worldwide

"Insights at the end of the day, are the currency that we operate on. Affinio really opens the door to let us see some of those new insights."

Chad Stoller

EVP & Global Innovation Director, IPG Mediabrands

"Affinio becomes a nice starting point for understanding our consumers and looking at the landscape of who we’re trying to speak to."

Sam Glassoff

Brand Strategist, TBWAChiatDay

It’s time to take an audience-first approach to marketing. Let us show you how.