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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Affinio is Expanding our Range of Networks

Affinio is changing the way people relate to each other by providing marketers with the insights necessary to understand their audiences on an emotional level. Marketing should feel personal; it should be about people serving people. But what if your target plays primarily in the B2B space? What insights are needed to reach them authentically?

With that in mind, we are constantly looking for new ways to offer the best insights to our clients. We are incredibly happy to share that Affinio will be expanding its range of networks and will be providing analysis of LinkedIn data with DataSift’s PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights in 2017.

With DataSift’s LinkedIn Engagement Insights, Affinio is changing how B2B marketers understand their audiences and relate to their customers on LinkedIn.

Image: Affinio LinkedIn Beta Report

By adding LinkedIn to our roster, Affinio is adding another data source for clients to validate and compare audiences across networks, in a way that respects member privacy.

“Adding LinkedIn to our social mix is an exciting way to both reveal direct business-to-business audience insights as well as let brands better understand the influencers who resonate with their consumers,” shares Leanne Cochrane, VP of Product Management at Affinio.

Affinio’s LinkedIn analyses will become available in 2017.

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